Saturday, August 27, 2005

0900 – 1033 Hours


U.S.S. Brooke Association Members in Attendance




President:                                           Tom Adametz

Vice-President:                                  Anthony A. Precie

Secretary-Treasurer                         Steve Hunt

Chaplin                                              Jerry Hamling

Master-At-Arms                                Duane Schinn (ABSENT)




George Columbo                               Gunther Newman

Newell Eisele                                      Terry Harding

Jose Bracamonte                               Jimmy Hanna

Billy Morrow                                     Del Turner

Robert Wasielewski                          Larry Whittaker

Michael Garoutte                              Steve Vickers

Ronald Tzope                                     Jim Rattigan

Buddy Harris                                     Richard Witt, Jr.

Brian Smith                                       Dale Dawson

Bill Dorow                                          Jerry Lipham

Dave Kalaf    




OPEN MEETING – Welcoming Remarks











Meeting called to Order by Tom Adametz at 09:01 am.

Overhead Speaker Music in the Room is turned off at 09:03 am.

Tom opens meeting and hopes everyone is having a good time in New Orleans.

Tom introduces Steve Hunt to give his financial report.



Treasurer’s Report by Steve Hunt:

1.                  We started out with $2500.00 in the bank on Jan. 1, 2005.

2.                  Reunion deposits for all events were $7456.00.

3.                  Deposits paid out for all events were $7456.00.

4.                  Our expenses for this reunion was approximately $500.00.

5.                  Registration fees were $945.00.

6.                  We had a $500.00 deposit down and expect to pay around:

a.      $135.00 (labor) for the cash bar.

b.      $550.00 cash for the band, and audio video expenses, and Sat. coffee.

7.                  I don’t anticipate paying for the shortfall (if any) from our minimum food and beverage cost of $3,000.00.

8.                  Hopefully, everyone will have a few drinks tonight and that should bring us pretty close.

9.                  Dinner for 64 attendees was $33.00 ea. for a total of $2112.00.

10.              Tax and a 20% service charge were not included, that’s why we had to charge $39.00 each.

11.              The gal from the Hotel Banquet implied that we would probably not be held to the $3,000.00 minimum, but you never know…

12.              We should end up with about a $2,000.00 balance in the bank.

13.              Plus, whatever our raffle proceeds are tonight.

14.              THE SHIP’S STORE:

a.      Before the reunion we had 51 Brooke shirts @ $25.00 = $1275.00

b.      We had 58 DEG and FFG Ball caps @ $12.95                =            $ 751.10

c.       We had 41 Mugs @$7.50                                                  = $ 307.50

d.      We had 45 Brooke Pens @ $3.00                                     = $ 135.00

e.       The Brooke DVD’s and VHS Tapes are unlimited and I make those as needed.   There is no cost to the Ship’s Store to produce.  DVD/VHS are $15.00 each and I split 50-50 with the ship to cover my costs.

f.       For a Total of                                                                     = $2468.00

15.              THIS REUNION we have sold:

a.   8-Shirts @$25.00                                                              =  $  200.00        

b.   12-Ballcaps @$7.50                                                           =  $  196.00

c.   14-Pens @$3.00                                                                 =  $    42.00

d.   6-Mugs @ $7.50                                                                 = $    45.00

e.   9-Videos @ $15.00  Hunt worksheet Error @$134.00   = $  135.00

f.    Total sales                Hunt worksheet Error @$577.00  =  $  578.00                                                



16.              Steve Hunt adds the following as a summation:

a.      Membership is up and the Association is doing quite well.

b.      We saved $100.00 on the 1-time fee for daily ice and Hospitality Room clean up.

c.       The only Hospitality Room fee paid was for coffee on Banquet night.

d.      Paid $135.00 for the microphone and screen on Banquet night show.

e.       The Association has $2,000.00 in the bank after all accounts are paid.

f.       The next series of Brooke ball caps will have DEG-1/FFG-1 on it.

g.      Only 4-DEG caps and many FFG caps are left.



Website Report by Tom Adametz:

1.                  The Brooke website costs $160.00 per year.

2.                  The website has plenty of space and is doing quite well.

3.                  Many former shipmates/members have found us because of the website.

4.                  Per requests, Tom will silence the Bos’un’s whistle on the website page.

5.                  After the reunion, Tom will post the photos on the website within 30 days.

6.                  Please send all photos in digital.

7.                  Tom will keep the two most recent reunion info and photos on the site.

8.                  Not everyone has DSL for the Internet connection and have “dial-up”, which may take longer to come up.

9.                  Any suggestion from members can be sent at any time.

10.              Steve saves the hard copies and Tom keeps the electronic files.



Tom Adametz:

1.                  Have met with Nick Rebetta (sic) of USS Ramsey (DEG-2) Association.

2.                  Ramsey group has approximately 100 members.

3.                  Considering the idea in forming a DEG/FFG Association.

4.                  Dues will be paid to Brooke Association and not to DEG Association.

5.                  Each DEG will have separate business meetings and budgets.

6.                  Brooke dollars will belong only to the Brooke Association.

7.                  Reunion locations would be subject to approval by DEG Association.

8.                  May begin with the 2007 reunion and initially involve Brooke/Ramsey.

9.                  The DEG Association may be involved beginning with the 2008 reunion.

10.              USS Schoffield (DEG-3) does have reunions and is posted in newsletters.

11.              The DEG Association idea is double-edged, having good and bad aspects.

12.              The new DEG Association could meet every two years.

13.              DEG Association reunions could be cheaper due to larger numbers.

14.              We will have one DEG Association with more hotel rate flexibility.

15.              Some location hotels may not be able to accommodate a large association.

16.              We try to keep the hotel rates in the double-digit figures for each night.

17.              Older folks do come in numbers when they have something in common.

18.              We can try the DEG Association idea on a trial basis.



Tom Adametz:

1.                  Tom Adametz and Steve Hunt decided not to go to Newport, RI in 2006.

2.                  Results of the Reunion Questionnaire received from members are:

a.      Vote of 25-6 to go to Charleston, SC for 2006 reunion.

b.      Gunther Newman will be the point man.

c.       Vote of 6 to go in Aug, 20 votes to go in Sep, and 6 votes to go in Oct.

d.      Issue of hurricane season may dictate late September or in October.

e.       Motion made to go to Charleston in Oct06, motion seconded/carried.

f.       Future reunion may be 5-day or 7-day Cruise Line from Florida.

g.      Cruise may entail an extra $100.00 per person with more amenities.

h.      The cost of a cruise reunion at $1500.00 per person is not too high.

i.        Relatively close in cost to a hotel type reunion.

j.        Cost deductions are available if cruise reservation is made early.

k.      A standard 30-day cancellation period for full refund exists.

l.        Repayment for cancellation insurance is available at a nominal fee.

m.    Cruise Planner from the Cruise Line will take care of arrangements.

n.      Cruise will have no-limit food, entertainment, and many things to do.

o.      Attendees at a Cruise reunion will need to pay for their own drinks.

p.      Choice of cruise is either Eastern or Western Caribbean.

q.      Everything is available – Buddy and Julie Harris to research.

r.       Cruise Ships do sail during the hurricane season with change in ports.

s.       All venues for future reunions are to have FULL handicap facilities.

t.        All reunion venues are also to fully accommodate our age group.


ITEM # 5:            OPEN ITEM ISSUES:

Tom Adametz:

1.                  The DESDIV38 reunion members are displaying their call sign banners.

2.                  Brooke call sign is Mystic Isle and we should have our flags.

3.                  Precie makes report to Association in regards to original 2006 reunion site of Newport, RI, declaring the area hotel daily rates are $145-$335.

4.                  Changes to the Brooke Association Constitution being considered:

a.      Spouses of those who served aboard Brooke can be regular members.

b.      Membership dues for each Brooke sailor is $25.00 per year.

c.       The dues for each spouse of each Brooke sailor is $10.00 per year.

d.      Membership dues are to be paid in advance.        

e.       Widow of each Brooke sailor has the option to be a full member at no cost with an Honorary Membership, having no voting rights.

f.       Full membership includes full voting privileges to the member with the right to run for official position within the Brooke Association.

g.      It is therefore possible for a spouse to become the President of the Brooke Association.

h.      An Associate membership is available to anyone.




Tom Adametz:

1.                  Time to re-elect Brooke Association Officers.

2.                  By Constitution each office is for a two-year term.

3.                  No votes taken:

a.      Duane Schinn is the Master-At-Arms and is honorary MAA for life.

b.      Jerry Hamlin is the Chaplain and is still the Chaplain.

c.       Tom Adametz is the President and with no contenders is President.

d.      Steve Hunt is the Secty-Treasurer and without contenders, remains.

4.                  Tony Precie is Vice-President and Buddy Harris is challenger to VP.

5.                  Vote is taken: Precie with 13 votes and Harris with 13, Jose Bracamonte left the room without voting.

6.                  Bracamonte returns and vote for the office of Vice President.

7.                  VP final vote is: Precie with 11 votes and Harris with 14, two abstaining.

8.                  Buddy Harris is the Vice President for the next two-year term.

9.                  Tony Precie thanks the Association for being able to serve as the first Vice President and wishes Buddy Harris good luck.

10.              Dave Kalaf thanks Tony Precie in behalf of the Brooke Association for his good work as VP.

11.              Question posed to Tom Adametz on whether the Brooke info can be put on other websites.

12.              Definite possibility, Tom will address, i.e., Tin Can Sailors Association.

13.              Question posed to Tom Adametz on whether a Brooke membership committee is open to members as it is with the American Legion.

14.              Tom replies that all Brooke Association members are already committee members.

15.              The statement to Tom is there should be a committee person in charge.

16.              Business meeting adjourns at 10:33 AM.





Anthony A. Precie


  1. Tom Adametz
  2. Richard Blackington
  3. Jose Bracamonte
  4. George Columbo
  5. Gene Dunlap
  6. Dan Durniak
  7. Michael Garoutte
  8. Jimmy Hanna
  9. Buddy Harris
  10. Steve Hunt
  11. Dave Kalaf
  12. Billy R. Morrow
  13. Anthony Precie
  14. Jim Rattigan
  15. Duane Schinn
  16. Del Secrest
  17. Del Turner
  18. Steve Vickers
  19. Bob Wasielewski
  20. Larry Whitaker
  21. Scott P. Youngren