Saturday, August 28, 2006

0800 0900 Hours


The meeting was called to order at 0810 hrs. by our President, Tom Adametz. There were 20 members present.

Open discussion on past business

The DEG/FFG Association has not materialized as of today. Members of the USS Ramsey Assoc. were supposed to attend this reunion, but did not. Will discuss at next reunion.

Financial Report: By Steve Hunt Secretary/Treasurer

We had $5,247 in our account on Oct. 20th. Tours, the Sat. night banquet, the band and hospitality room refreshments left us with a balance of $1,927 after the reunion. (We currently have a balance of $2,365 as of February 9, 2007)

During the reunion, we sold $472 in items from the Ship's Store, gained two new members and renewed two members, for a total of $100, plus $190 from the annual raffle. We also had several members pay for the reunion in cash, at the reunion. From the cash on hand we paid the Saturday night band in cash ($375), bought a round of refreshments for all attendees (mainly to bring our total cash bar amount to the minimum required) and paid for all the hospitality room refreshments and snacks. We had made deposits for the hotel and tours earlier in the year and had enough to pay off the balances during and after the reunion. It was noted that all members would receive this financial report in the next newsletter.

Other Business: Next year's reunion voted on.

Our choices were San Francisco, Boise, ID, Portland or Eugene, OR, Branson at a later date. A vote was taken and it was almost unanimous for San Francisco during August or September, 2007.

It was discussed and decided that a Brooke questionnaire would be sent out for future reunions attendees and locations, etc.

There was a show of hands for interest in a 2008 Cruise reunion and we had about 15 interested. Buddy Harris will work out the reunion details with Brian Forrester, a military cruise specialist, and Buddy will be the reunion planner for the 2008 Cruise reunion.

Our future reunion dates should be listed on the following web sites: Tin Can Sailors, DESA, American Legion, and Destroyer.com. We can also contact and find other former Brooke crewmembers on these websites.

New Business: Research was suggested for a Ship's Plaque by Gunther Neumann.

Meeting was adjourned at 0905 hours.