OCTOBER 1, 2010


 The U.S.S. Brooke DEG-1/FFG-1 Association held it's ninth annual reunion at the Holiday Inn Bayside, San Diego, CA September 29 - October 3, 2010. Seventy six shipmates, family and friends attended the annual gathering and San Diego set he record for the largest number of attendees to date for the "Brooke Clan". With the opening night "Welcome Aboard" reception in the Hospitality Room the camaraderie and renewal of friendships set the tone for what was to become a great reunion. On day 2, Thursday, we went aboard the USS Howard DDG-83 where us "old salts" got to tour the ship and mingle with the "young salts". The crewmembers aboard the Howard were exceptionally hospitable and provided us with an outstanding tour and insight into today's Navy. After our shipboard tour we proceeded to Old Town State Park where everyone enjoyed lunch, shopping and a tour of where San Diego began. In the evening we had our "Pizza Night" and annual cake cutting ceremony. On Friday we journeyed up to the Assault Amphibian School Battalion on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. The Marines provided our members with a static display of the amphibious tractors used to carry Marines ashore and then conducted a water demonstration of the vehicles. After that we toured the WWII/Korea LVT Museum and learned of the history of the amphibious tractors and their use during the battles in the Pacific during WWII. As a parting gift the Marines presented our members with MREs or, Meals Ready To Eat. A pretty neat souvenir of our time spent with the Leathernecks. In the afternoon the gang visited Seaport Village for more shopping and sightseeing. One of the highlights was the USS Midway Museum and many of our members took advantage by going aboard and touring this proud ship. In the evening we had a luau buffet and Polynesian floor show poolside at the hotel. I think by the end of the evening our members were pretty worn out and it was no surprise that the Hospitality Room was pretty empty by 2100. On Saturday evening we held our banquet and there were several special moments. A USMC color guard opened the evening with a presentation of the colors and after plentiful food and drink we held our annual raffle of items brought by our members from their home states. The highlight of the evening was an auction of a handmade cribbage board. The board was created by SMC Ed "Gibby" Giblen from a piece of wooden decking from the Brooke's signal bridge. Ed's widow, Rita, donated the item and the bidding was very spirited for such a unique item. The high bid ($185) was made by Dick Blackington, the Brooke's first XO. It was a great evening to say the least. On Sunday morning we held our annual memorial service to remember shipmates departed and then shared farewells until next year in Norfolk, VA. As with each of our previous reunions old friendships continued, new friendships were made or renewed there were several "first time" attendees this year . As always, my hat is off to all of you who traveled many miles to see old friends and share your experiences of Brooke with others. We hope you had a wonderful time and that we didn't tire you out too much. As with each of our reunions we try to create a mix of events to keep our attendees engaged and entertained and this year was no exception. Once again we will try to improve our events in Norfolk and we hope you will be able to join us.

The following pictures are a representation of the four memorable days we spent together and I have tried to capture the best memories of that wonderful time. As with each year's photos, and the captions beneath,  I take full responsibility for my attempt at wit, or lack thereof.

Tom Adametz



(In alphabetical order with their home states)

Chuck and Cindy Ackerman (AZ)

Tom and Harriet Adametz (CA)

Marc and Rose Apter (VA)

Jerry Baily (CA)

Richard and Laurie Blackington (CA)

Tom Boyer (MD)

Forrest and Glenna Chapman (OR)

Robert Cook (TX)

David and Glenda Corcoran

Dale and Chris Dawson (MD)

Dan and Rita Durniak (AZ)

Jim and Vivian Elliott (VA)

Dennis and Maila Gale (FL)

Don Geyton (CA)

Rita and Melinda-Kromray Giblen (CA)

Dorothy Goeller (MD)

Jimmy and Betty Hanna (TX)

Evelyn Harris (VA)

Rick and Linda Holmes (WA)

Hank and Debbie Howery (CA)

Charles Hunt (NC)

Steve and Linda Hunt (WA)

Elmer and Diane Jones (CA)

Robert and Diane Jones (CA)

Jerry and Mattie Lipham (AL)

Betty Lucas (WA)

Jim Maclean (AZ)

John and Jeannette Matkowski (MD)

Dave McAllister (CA)

Mike Moflar (CA)

Pat Morrison (MD)

Billy and Kay Morrow (CA)

Jerry and Bo Nader (AZ)

Robert and Betty Wasielewski (CA)

Dan and Vicky Renne (KS)

Alicia Rivers (TX)

Tony and Robin Precie (CA)

Duane Schinn (MN)

Del and Dwyllis Secrest (WA)

John and Sarah Shumlas (IN)

Brian and Leslie Smith (RI)

Bill and Barb Ulmer (MO)

Steve and Janet Vickers (CA)

Bob and Betty Wasielewski (CA)

Debbie Weber (CA)

Larry and Nancy Whitaker (VA)

Karen Youngren (CA)

Scott Youngren (CA)