SEPTEMBER 5 - 12, 2015






     The U.S.S. Brooke DEG-1/FFG-1 Association held it's fourteenth annual reunion by embarking on a seven day cruise through the inland passage to Alaska. Departing from Seattle, WA aboard the Princess Cruise Line's 'Crown Princess", we visited the Alaskan ports of Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan. We also spent the good part of a day in Glacier Bay National Park. On our return voyage to Seattle we made a brief stop in Victoria, BC. On top of seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, there was a lot of liberty packed into that seven day voyage. And speaking of packing it in, let's talk about the chow. If you didn't add a few pounds on over the week then you must have been locked in your cabin. We caught a good break with the weather as we only had rain for one day in the port of Ketchikan. Speaking for myself, the highlight of the cruise was when we flew both the Roadrunner flag and National Ensign from Brooke's inaugural WestPac cruise in 1968. Coincidently, we just happened to fly those flags on September 11th. Perfect timing! In addition, we used the flag raising as an opportunity to remember our shipmates who have passed on.

   Unlike our traditional shore-based reunions, the cruise was more of an individual choice for events and tours rather than a structured schedule. It appeared that most everyone found a venue to their interests and enjoyed the opportunities that the cruise had to offer. As with any event where we, the Association does not have total control over schedule and structure, there were a couple of snafus, i.e. seating everyone together for dining, designating a specific area as a "hospitality area", and having a welcome aboard cocktail party. We did manage, for the most part, to overcome the miscommunication and were provided with a lounge to hold our business meeting as well as a cocktail party. All in all we have received positive feedback from our members and if we have another cruise in the future there were lessons learned that can be applied to a future cruise.                      

  Next year we will be holding a special reunion in San Diego, CA. I say special in that we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Commissioning of Brooke. If you were unable to join us this year we hope that you will be able to make it back to our Home Port of San Diego in the late summer of 2016.

The following pictures are a representation of the seven memorable days we spent together and the sights that we shared. I thank everyone who sent copies of their personal photographic memories and I have tried to capture the best moments and scenes of that wonderful time. As with each year's photos, and the captions beneath,  I take full responsibility for my attempt at wit, or lack thereof.

Tom Adametz



(In alphabetical order with their home states)

Tom and Harriet Adametz (CA)

Marc and Rose Apter (VA)

Jeff and Fe Best (LA)

John and Nancy Bingel (NV)

George and Joyce Cabias (CA)

Patricia Campbell (TX)

Pat and Jolie Cook (UT)

Robert Cook (TX)

David and Glenna Corcoran (CA)

Jeffery and Laura Dial (TX)

Armin "Bill" Dorow(MI)

Cynthia Dorow(MI)

Pat and Kathleen Elfrink (TX)

Don and Sherie Geyton (CA)

Gary and Judy Grudem (CA)

Jimmy Hanna (TX)

Travis Hanna (TX)

George and Margaret Herbert (PA)

Joe and Kathy Herron (WA)

Hank and Debbie Howery (CA)

Steve and Linda Hunt (WA)

Richard and Rebecca Knowles (TX)

Ronald and Doreen Kohler (SC)

Jerry and Mattie Lipham (AL)

Betty Lucas (WA)

Richard Mathew (CA)

Heather Nichols (TX)

Jim and Wendy Rattigan (TX)

Dwayne and Dorothea Reed (AZ)

Alicia Rivers (TX)

Judith Rogers (TX)

Neal and Cristy Rogers (TX)

Pam Ruiz (TX)

Del and Dwyllis Secrest (WA)

John and Helen Spivey (TN)

Paul and Michelle Strawbridge (CO)

Steve and Janet Vickers (CA)

Bob and Betty Wasielewski (CA)

Larry and Nancy Whitaker (VA)

Mike and Audrey Wilson (CA)

Sharon Wolfe (WA)

Mitch and Donna Yeager (IA)