Constitution and By-Laws


The name of this organization shall be “U.S.S. Brooke (DEG-1/FFG-1) Association”




Section 1. The purpose and functions of this organization are:
A. Locate as many Brooke crew members still alive as is reasonably possible.
B. Obtain all possible information as to deceased crew members.
C. Hold reunions.
D. Maintain a Ships Store with articles (ball caps, pens, coffee cups, shirts, etc.) associated with the U.S.S. Brooke DEG/FFG-1
D. Continue the spirit of comradeship among crew members.
E. Do all things necessary as are reasonably possible to do, to preserve and carry on the memory of our beloved ship and those who served on her.


Section 1. Officers
A. The Officers Elect of this organization shall be the President, Vice President,  Secretary/Treasurer, Master-at-Arms, and Chaplain. Any other Officers that may be needed can be appointed by the President and his Board of Officers (Reunion Coordinator, Newsletter Coordinator, Webmaster, Trustees)


Section 2. Terms of Office
A. All Officers shall be elected for a term of two (2) years, or until there successors are Elected. Officers may succeed themselves in office


Section 3. Election of Officers
A. Election of Officers shall be held at regular meetings during reunions as terms of office expire. Only members in good standing (paid up dues) may vote.
B. Members in good standing may send in a write in ballot that the Association will be required to send them if they will not be present at the reunion. These ballots will be mailed to the Secretary/ Treasurer and then brought, sealed by the Secretary/Treasurer or his representative, to the reunion


Section 4. Vacancy in Office
A. In the event any office, except for the President, becomes vacant for any reason, the President shall appoint a member to the office until the members elect a new successor at the first reunion held after the office is vacated. The President has the power to ask for a write in ballot vote also, if this will save time.
B. If the office of President becomes vacant for any reason, the Vice President shall act in his place until the membership elects a new President at the first reunion or by write in ballot.


Section 1. The duties of Officers shall be:
A. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Association, represent the Association when and where necessary and shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.
B. The President shall make reports to the membership when appropriate.
C. The President shall preserve order and decorum and shall perform all duties consistent to the office of President.
D. The Vice President shall assist the President with such advice or assistance as may be required and preside in the absence of the President.
E. The Secretary/Treasurer shall purchase all office supplies, including postage and  shipping, required for administering the Association. The Secretary/ Treasurer  will be responsible for the distribution of newsletters (as provided by the Newsletter Coordinator), bulletins, forms, catalogs, directories, and any other such material that is needed by the Association. He shall also be in charge of running the Ships Store and making any needed purchases. The Secretary/Treasurer will have the power to have assistants in performing the aforementioned duties.
F. The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive, record and deposit in the name of the Association, all moneys from dues and all other sources. He shall maintain a checking and savings account in the name of the Association. The Secretary/Treasurer shall also give written reports as is needed or required to the Officers and any member in good standing.
G. The Secretary/Treasurer shall notify the President of all dues that are paid and maintain the membership roll and issue a membership card.
H. The Master-At-Arms shall assist the President in maintaining order at Association meetings.
I. The Chaplain shall open and close all formal meetings with remarks and/or prayer, as he deems fitting and proper. He shall also upon receiving information about sickness or death of a shipmate send the appropriate card as he deems fit. All receipts to be turned in to the Secretary/Treasurer for payment.


Section 2.
A. Upon completion of the terms of office, the Officers shall turn over to their successors all records, funds and properties belonging to the Association.


Section 3.
A. Reunion sites shall be consistent with the wishes of the Membership. Any member in good standing may submit a site for consideration, and if that site is chosen by the Membership, the member who nominated the site is automatically appointed to the Reunion Committee and will serve for a period of two (2) years.
B. The President shall serve on all committees, and shall be responsible for the final decision on all accommodations relative to housing, meals, and entertainment and is authorized one trip to the reunion site at the association expense, if funds are available to pay same. If the President is unable to visit the reunion site he may appoint another Officer to conduct the visit and report the findings to the Membership.


Section 1. 
A. All persons that have served aboard Brooke are eligible for regular membership in the Association. Only regular members in good standing who have paid dues, are eligible to vote and to hold office.
B. Family members of any deceased crew member are eligible for associate membership in this Association and shall not be assessed dues.
C. A person who did not serve aboard the ship but who has contributed to the memory of the ship may be designated an honorary member and shall not be assessed dues.
Section 1.
A.A. A minimum of five members in good standing attending the open business meeting shall constitute a quorum.
B.B. Open business meetings will be held, at a minimum, in conjunction with each scheduled reunion.
C. All actions and decisions shall be by a majority of the regular members present and write in votes and shall carry the motion. Any new business can be voted on by the quorum present and passed or rejected.
D. All meetings are to be open to all regular, associate, and honorary members.
E. The Secretary/Treasurer shall record the minutes of all business meeting proceedings and submit a written copy to the President within 60 days of completion of the meeting. The President shall sign and return the minutes to the Secretary/Treasurer within 30 days of receipt and the minutes will be published in the next scheduled Association newsletter.


Section 1.
A. This constitution and by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of members eligible to vote at regular reunion meetings.
B. Any proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to the President at least 60  days prior to a reunion, but the membership may by vote waive this.
Section 1.
A. Members at all times shall abide by customs of good manners, politeness and fairness, and be governed at business meetings by “Roberts Rules of Order”, to be reasonably applied by the President.
B. If anyone at meetings becomes unruly, the President shall have power to direct the Master-at-Arms to eject him and appoint a committee to assist.


Section 1.
A.Dues shall be paid in advance on an annual basis and shall be $25.00 per year unless changed at a regular business meeting, to cover calendar year January 1 to December 31 of each year.


Section 2.
A. When the Association General Fund (after expenses) exceeds $10,000, the membership shall determine the disposition of the funds in excess of $10,000.
B. When the Association ceases to be viable, all property belonging to the Association shall be donated to the Navy Relief Society.


Section 3.
A.No member of the Association, acting in the name of the Association, shall engage in any activity for self profit.


Section 4.
A. These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a simple majority vote.

Section 5.

A. A memorial list of all fallen shipmates, who served on board, shall be created and will be kept by either the Chaplain or Secretary/ Treasurer. The list will be posted on the Association web site.


This Constitution and By-Laws were adopted and approved by the following shipmates who were either Plankowners, Officers, or past enlisted Navy personnel of the U.S.S. Brooke.

Tom Adametz

Richard Blackington

Anthony Precie

Gene Shuttleworth

Billy R. Morrow

W.H. Bill Johnson

Bob Veach

Dave Kalaf

Steve Hunt

Roy Cook

Bob Wasielewski

Scott P. Youngren

Rodney W. Winchell

Joel Beck

Ray Rathburn

Duane Schinn

John Limbaugh

Jerry Hamling

John Shumlas