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Brooke Reunion Update

October 2002

Last reunion: June 2002 – San Diego, CA

Next reunion: September 18-21, Seattle, WA

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Ahoy Shipmates!

             I know, I know….it’s been months and months since our last communication, and I’ve been catching hell from several PLANKOWNERS to get our show on the road (to Seattle next year), so here goes:

             The Plankowners reunion in San Diego this last June was great! We had 22 crewmembers and wives, friends and relatives attend, which was not too bad given the short notice.  The Seven Seas Hotel proved to be a good selection. It was centrally located (Hotel Circle) and transportation was not too much of a problem.

            The Harbor cruise was sure a lot of fun, and you can see many off our pictures on the Brooke Web site that Tom Adametz set up (see above address). Anyway, we had a great time telling sea-stories in our Hospitality suite for a few days, and even got to see a flick of the Decommissioning ceremony. The Saturday night banquet was highlighted by a power point presentation by Tom, showing the Brooke’s beginning almost 36 years ago! It was VERY interesting and entertaining. We hope to see it again next year when the reunion will be open to ALL past Brooke crewmembers

             Now for some old business:

             Our main expense was for the Hospitality Suite for 3 days @ $150, of $450.00 plus tax. (It totaled about $500.00). And we spent around $100-150 on food and beverages, and lots of ice! Fortunately, I slightly overcharged everyone for the banquet on Sat. night and we had about $100.00. The hotel gave me the “base price” on the dinners, plus tax and gratuity. I guess I added more gratuity than we needed, so we had a surplus. With that surplus, the “kitty” money, and the donations from Joe and Shirley Broccomonte, Dave Kalaf, Marty Snell and Gene Shuttleworth, we were really close to the “break-even” point.

            So, many thanks to everyone for making our reunion possible. Especially those additional unexpected donations from some crewmembers who couldn’t make it, but wanted the rest of us to enjoy this first Plankowner reunion since decommissioning. And a special recognition to the Broccomontes for donating their entire deposit, when Shirley was too ill to make the trip. We missed you. For reunion pictures go to the web @

             Wrapping up…

             About a week before the reunion, C.C. Cooke passed on. His daughters had paid for the reunion as a father’s day gift, so it was quite sudden. He was in poor health but was expected to live another six months or so. The other sad news was about Matt Moran. He had a fatal heart attack, just 2 weeks after the reunion, while doing a “treadmill” test. No one had seen Mr. Moran since our return from Westpac in 1968. Sure glad he made the reunion.

            Our condolences to both families.

             This next reunion, we’ll have a registration fee included with our sign-up, which will cover any additional expenses for a hospitality room, food, etc. However, I don’t wish to discourage any immediate donations. It does cost a few bucks for postage, printing, deposits, etc. to get one of these reunions off the ground. And we have zero in the kitty right now. So feel free…see our reunion questionnaire form enclosed.

            We have been bouncing around several ideas to set up a “Brooke organization” similar to other ships, with a “Charter membership” fee and/or annual dues to defray the costs of future reunions.

            To accomplish this, I think it should be discussed at our Seattle reunion during a regular business meeting. At that time, if we want to go forward, we’ll elect our officers, apply for an IRS non-profit organ. Status and do what is necessary for our new Brooke Association. We’ll also select the date and location of our next reunion.

            In the interim, as I previously mentioned, any donations are appreciated now and, of course, we’ll have a registration fee for the Seattle reunion in September. With enough donations we’ll be able to supply official Brooke ball caps, T-shirts and other items sold on our website and at the coming reunions, which will help keep our organization in the black. For more information you can keep updated by visiting our website and also help keep us updated with change of addresses, or any new information for all of us.

             Enclosed is our latest plankowner roster (contact webmaster for information). It will be appreciated if anyone can add to it, or make any corrections so we don’t waste money on returned mail. Please send any changes to me (or webmaster for forwarding to me). I seem to have the most updated list at this time.

            Also enclosed are our reunion survey and a few brochures from the NW. We need your input to select the events for September and to determine the level of interest of all crewmembers concerning future reunions. Please fill out and return ASAP. You can also complete the survey and e-mail it to either or Unfortunately, those we do not hear from may be dropped from our roster.

             In closing, I would like to see a great turnout at next year’s reunion!

            This month, I am sending out reunion notices to several publications: Military Mag., Tin Can Sailors, The Navy League, NERA, Destroyermans Assoc., the Ping Jockey and a few others. I think Tom Adametz will be updating our Web page with reunion dates, and also the websites of some of the above organizations. If you know of other publications or organizations, then please pass along our reunion dates now. We’ve only got less than a year to work on this.

            The next official notice/reunion updates will be in Feb. or Mar. and May/June of 2003.

            Let’s make it a great success!

Your shipmate

Steve Hunt


U.S.S. Brooke DEG-1/FFG-1

Seattle Reunion September 18-21, 2003

For Point of Contact:

Steve Hunt

P.O. Box 1692

Tacoma, WA 98401

(253) 471-7766