San Diego Reunion Wrap-up


Finally! The great follow-up newsletter from our San Diego Reunion.

After reading the letters/columns from our President and Vice President, I think you'll agree that all attendees had a great time and those who couldn't attend missed a great time.

This format of "Port & Starboard" is a little different, as you can see. Just couldn't fit it all in eight pages, so I decided to "float" the additional pages required for the annual minutes and other important issues.

We had several donations come in prior to the reunion -- primarily donated in the memory of Joel Beck (see minutes). In addition, our ship's cook, Wes Feeler, donated another $50.00 (2nd year) to purchase the banquet cake. Thanks again, Wes! the cake turned out great, as usual, thanks to the persistence of Prez Tom.

We may have more of a problem with the cake in New Orleans. we don't have a member there to arrange the cake and other details, as we've had in Seattle and San Diego. Hopefully, when we visit in April, we'll have time to make arrangements for our August reunion. Transportation might be one of our problems: Everyone walks and nobody has to drive. Guess we'll have to "cab-it" to the liquor and grocery stores for our hospitality supplies, unless someone will have a vehicle....let me know.

Next item is the box on this page. Tom's computer lost a few e-mails so if you'd like to provide your e-address to the association them e-mail Tom at

A double thank you for two of our members: First, Dave Kalaf donated some Missouri lottery tickets for our annual banquet raffle. Secondly, Jim and Betty Hanna won $15 on one of the tickets and donated the same to the Brooke Association. Thank you Dave, Jim and Betty!

We had a great raffle, thanks to the many items donated by the membership. Our grand total was $199.00! Thanks to everyone who donated the raffle items and to all those who bought the tickets! I think that's about what we spent on Hospitality Room refreshments, so it's becoming a worthwhile reunion event.

And now for the financial update: the registration fee we collected from all attendees became very important for our reunion. It covered our Hospitality Room refreshments, the shortfalls we had on the bus and the Luau entertainment ($500). We had anticipated  about 20% more attendees for all events and our per-person rate became that much higher. you know how important it is to indicate your intentions early and where your registration fees are spent.

The enclosed minutes did not reflect the New Orleans deposit ($500) so we actually ended up with that much less in our account. The good news is that we'll still be in the black after we resupply the Ship's Store (about $800 to $1000) and pay for our newsletters, etc., prior to the next reunion.

We sold about half of our Ship's Store items at the reunion, so it helped make up some of our short falls.

We'll also have income from all the membership renewals and, of course, the new memberships coming in. Fortunately, the Holiday Inn was very gracious and let us off the hook for our room short falls. It might be a different situation in New Orleans, so, its going to be very important to get a head count by February. Yes, I repeat, February! We make our final room guarantee then and are required to pay, and pay dearly, if our room totals fall short.

Lastly, please make your New Orleans hotel reservations EARLY so we don't get stuck. Our special rate and all the freebees are base on room nights, so let's have a great turn-out. This next reunion is OPEN to ALL FRIENDS and RELATIVES! So, pass the word.....

A New Orleans vacation will never be better or cheaper for anyone who joins us. And, you can come early and stay late for the same low room rate. As of right now, we have a block of 75 rooms, so let's fill'em up!

Guess that about wraps it up. I hope I haven't overlooked anyone who helped make the San Diego reunion  so successful. anyway, Thank You all, for making Tom and I look so good!

See you in New Orleans!


USS BROOKE, Secretary/Treasurer


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From the President....


            As I write this column I am still filled with memories of our recently completed reunion. What a resounding success! There were shipmates from all over the country who came to share the camaraderie and memories of our time on Brooke. I will leave out most of the details since I suspect Steve Hunt will elaborate on the festivities in this newsletter. Let it suffice to say that spending four days with old and new friends was, as they say, “priceless”.

            For most of us we are at a time in our lives where friendships, particularly those that were forged in our youth, take on a special meaning. I think that many of us reflect on those people who came in and out of our lives and had some type of influence. Naturally, the bad influences are pushed to the recesses of our minds while the positive influences cause us to take pause and realize that, like myself, we are what we are today because of the people who had a positive impact on our lives.

            My shipmates on Brooke provided many a “positive” influence on me and I for one will always be grateful to men like Duane Schinn, Dick Blackington, Billy Morrow, and Bob “Fat Mac” McLaughlin (rest his soul), who shaped an eighteen year old “kid” into a young man. I took a little part of each of them, and many men like them, and formed my own direction in life. Now, at 58, I realize that these were some very solid, upstanding men who taught the “boot” a great deal about life. To them I will always be grateful.

            So why do I verbally meander about the past? Because this year I had a chance to see all of them at the reunion again, along with some new faces this year, and it gave me the opportunity to thank them, again.

            Sure, a reunion is a lot of “elbow bending” and retelling of sea stories. But that is really a small part of our gathering. For the most part we enjoy events with our shipmates and their families. And one of the best parts was to have our spouses; many of who have never met our shipmates from so many years ago, say “Now I know why you speak so highly of your friends from the Brooke. They are some really nice people”. Well, I have known that for over forty years and I am so grateful that we have been able to put together an association and maintain those decades old friendships.

So now another year will pass and the memories of the San Diego reunion will linger. But only long enough to get ready for our next gathering in New Orleans in 2005. I hope that many of you will be able to attend. If our past reunions are any indication I can assure you that you will have a memorable experience.

            On a closing note I would like to say that just over a year ago we put our association together. Our membership was small, only a couple of dozen at the time. Today we have over sixty members and we continue to grow. With good fortune we will have over 100 members by the time we visit the “Big Easy”. This is a wonderful testament to all of you who believe in friendship and the everlasting name of our ship. I am proud to serve as your president and represent the U.S.S. Brooke.

 Fair Winds and Following Seas,

 Tom Adametz


USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1 Association






Second Business Meeting Minutes

(September 17, 2004)

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USS Brooke Reunion

New Orleans

August 24th - 28th, 2005

DoubleTree Hotels

Room Rates: $89.00 Single or Dbl. + taxes

Note: Rates are honored 2 days prior and 2 days after reunion

So, come early and stay late! Hotel rates will NEVER be BETTER

For Reservations:

Call 1-800-967-6638 or 1-800-222 TREE (8733)

Space is limited......

Make your reservation TODAY!

Planned events:

Steamboat "Natchez" Jazz

Lunch or Dinner Cruise

D-Day Museum Tour

(Walking distance from Hotel)

Swamp Boat Alligator Cruise/tour

(Pontoon Boats, not Air boats)

2 Dinner banquets and More!


The DoubleTree Hotel is located in the HEART of New Orleans at the foot of Canal Street. The Riverfront Walk and Mall is next door (Plenty of walking and shopping). Harrah's Casino is right next door and the French Quarter is across the street. We believe it it the BEST location in New Orleans for our reunion!



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From the Vice President....

"Bridge....IC"                                                                   Tony Precie, IC3

On September 15, 2004 our official 2nd Brooke reunion began in San Diego, California.   It ended on the 19th.   We had a very good showing of former Brooke sailors.   I was the only representative for the snipes of “Prima et Optima”.   I have already started to locate the other engineers and received their personal commitments from at least three that they would be present next year in the “Big Easy”…New Orleans, Louisiana.   They even said they would be joining our Association very soon.   I sent the website address to them all.  

It was great seeing everyone again…I just wish it were possible to see each other more frequently.   It made me feel so good to see everyone get along so well…even our wives seem like they are long lost shipmates.  

In behalf of everyone in the Association, I want to thank our president, Tom Adametz and our financial secretary-treasurer, Steve Hunt, for doing such a great job in getting the Brooke association started and organized so well.   Also a special thanks to another key player in all of this, from the very beginning with Tom and Steve, goes to our very close friend and shipmate, Buddy Harris.   These three sonar type guys are located in three different corners of the United States, San Diego-Seattle-New York City, and they did it!   Great job!   Bravo Zulu!!!

My wife, Robin, and I didn’t get to the Wednesday kick-off for this year’s reunion festivities due to our schedules, and we almost didn’t make it to the Thursday harbor dinner cruise aboard the Hornblower.  As soon as I got home from work and Robin was out from Jury Duty on Thursday, we jumped in her car and took off for San Diego (she thinks I am ol’fogey tootling along at 70 mph).  Needless to say we made it to Dego in 1 ½ hours… We were met at the gangway by Tom Adametz and the Captain of the Hornblower with fifteen minutes to spare before underway.   We came aboard and saw everyone in the mess decks!   Being with each other was like being in a comfort zone…Dinner, dance, and topside was elegant with such a beautiful and romantic night skyline.  

On Friday we had our Association’s business meeting and it went very well with much accomplished.   I am sure Tom and Steve will have a wonderful report to us all.   That evening, I had such a wonderful time enjoying the Hawaiian luau (did I spell that right?)   I made a poor attempt at doing the hula-hula… converting it into a Mexican “corrida” by picking up my left leg.   I was told, wrong dance!  

On Saturday, we toured one of the Navy’s newest Arleigh Burke Destroyer, USS Decatur (DDG-73).   It was aboard this visit which was most thought provoking for me.   As we walked around the ship, visiting the spaces, talking to the Officers and the Petty Officers conducting the tour, being with my former shipmates, and talking to our Brooke family I kept thinking how it was when we were younger and aboard the USS Brooke.  For some of us, this was forty years ago.   Life aboard the ship was good and at times not so good, but always challenging…but this was our home.   We worked together; sailed together; hit the beach together, pulled duty aboard and ashore together.   The name of our Newsletter, Port and Starboard is what our duty was usually like aboard Brooke.

Visiting with everyone reminded me that our greyhound work with CORTRONTHREE and ASWGRUONE was serious stuff and we did some memorable things in CONUS and underway on WESTPAC cruises.  We were aboard a warship, a guided missile destroyer escort, a frigate, which sailed into harm’s way.  This had me thinking of how a frigate came to be…please read the following that I found on the Internet, which explains the origin of our “Home”.   We served aboard a naval vessel with a glorious beginning, history, and tradition.   At the end of this article will be the identity of a very famous frigate to our heritage as Americans.

This column, Bridge…I.C., will have in its coming editions some reminders of what the Brooke has done and whom we did it with.   You will remember the events and hopefully, you will enjoy the cruise back into time of peace and war…a time that we shared as shipmates, as friends, and as a family.   If you have any tidbits that you would like to share please send them to Tom, Steve, or to me.

Enjoy the column and welcome to all.   Compass is lit off and in Navigational mode…Underway!    Tony




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