San Diego Reunion set for September 15-19, 2004



    The San Diego reunion is underway! Tom  has negotiated with the Holiday Inn Bayside for a special room rate of $99.00 per night, single or double, and arranged for our "Free" Hospitality room from Wednesday thru Sunday.

    The hotel provides free shuttle service to Seaport Village, Old Town, and Horton Plaza, and, of course, free airport pickup 24 hours a day.

    As a bonus for our numbers, the hotel is hosting a reception for us for those arriving on Wednesday. The fare includes beer, wine, well drinks and some goodies.

    In addition, we have several events already in place. Tom has scheduled a ship's tour (probably one of our newest FFG's) for us thru one of our members, Ray Andell, who is still on Active Duty in San Diego. Ray was aboard Brooke as an STG3 from 1985-1987.

    It is possible that our schedule may change for the ship's visit if the USS MIDWAY is up and running by Sept. for reunion group tours. We'll know as the reunion gets closer.

    Another plus at the hotel is the Hospitality Room. We can provide our own refreshments/finger food and the hotel will provide us with all the ice and water we need.

        We can bring our own cake to the banquet (now a tradition) and the hotel will cut and serve it at no charge. The cake will be considered "dessert" and replace what they would have normally included with the meal.

    On banquet night, the hotel will provide us with a color guard at no charge. We have the option to invite the color guard for dinner on our dime but it is not required.

    The hotel has FREE parking, a restaurant, lounge, bottle shop and the room amenities include items such as reefers, coffee makers, cable and Internet access.

    The location is also great! It's right on the water (well, across the street from it), so, if your time permits, a waterfront walk is really nice.

    In the next edition of our newsletter, we'll elaborate more, with maps, etc., and the official "registration" form for the reunion events. In the interim, if you wish to book your reservation early, then call 1-800-662-8899 or FAX at (619) 224-3629. Their website is at Just mention the "Brooke" reunion.

    Next item is the membership. We have 27 members signed up so far for our association. While that may seem a low number, its surprising that 12 of those did not attend the Seattle reunion. Which means, we still have about 20 more who pledged to join, but haven't sent in membership app as of this date. So, you can see, we'll probably have about 50+ "official" members by our September reunion (that's about 100 attendees). (Note, you need not be a member to attend our reunion). I've included a membership form in this issue and will probably have one in every newsletter from this point forward. We have thousands of prospective members from the 22 years that Brooke was in commission.

    Now a note about our "Ship's Store". We have finally reached a respectable number of shirts and, more importantly, sizes, in our store. We now have IN STOCK about 47 shirts from Med to XX Large.

    We also have a significant number of Ball Caps. In addition to our DEG ball caps we have FFG ball caps for those who served during the 2nd half of Brooke's service. Sorry, but we couldn't stock the shirts with FFG on them at present. We probably will a few years down the road as the DEG members dwindle and the FFG member overtake us. (Yes, it WILL happen at some point). But, at the moment, we have about 45 DEG ball caps and 51 FFG ball caps.

    We still have about 50 Brooke pens left from  our original order and intend to add Brooke Coffee Mugs and/or hot and cold mugs. More info on that when we select a supplier.

    Wrapping up this report......

    Financially, we've done very well during this first six months of existence. The sale of our ship's store items at the Seattle reunion, the raffle at the banquet, donations from many members, and now the on-going membership revenue, have enabled us to become solvent. We have all the items paid for and have enough to pay our deposits for the next reunion and buy some additional items for our ship's store.

    Thank you for everyone for your support in making the BROOKE ASSOCIATION HAPPEN! See you in San Diego in September.

Steve Hunt



Message From Our President


            As we proceed into the year 2004 we can look back at 2003 as a significant milestone for the sailors of USS Brooke. It was in September 2003 that we formalized our Association and thus created a means to carry on the name of our beloved ship. This is the first opportunity that I have, as your President, to share my thoughts with you about our Association and the goals I hope to attain for our group in the coming year.

            It was in September 2001 that the idea for a Brooke Association began to grow. Several Brooke crewmembers, who were in San Diego at the time, had gotten together for lunch and, as usually always happens when old shipmates get together, the topic of “I wonder whatever happened to?” came up. I think because of the impact of “9-11” (more on that later) and the obvious amount of gray in our hair, we had gained a greater sense of our own mortality. There seemed to be a need to contact our past and those people who had influenced our lives in various ways. We discussed the possibilities of putting together a “mini-reunion” of plank-owners. It was decided that, if we could find enough folks, we would get together in San Diego in June 2002. Thorough the use of various means, Internet, Navy newsletters, word of mouth, etc., we were able to contact a couple of dozen plank-owners. Our first “reunion” drew 14 crewmembers and their families. But the number of attendees does not tell the true story of what took place over those four memory filled days in San Diego. The fact that we could see friends and shipmates, many of whom had not been in contact for almost four decades, was, as the commercial says, “priceless”. There was a bond there that had not been broken by time. A bond shared by men who had commissioned and served aboard USS Brooke. The success of that San Diego gathering drove plans for a second reunion in Seattle in September 2003. This time we would include all those who served aboard Brooke during her 22 years of commissioned service. By now our contact list had grown to 90 crewmembers. The turnout for the Seattle reunion more than doubled the San Diego event (50 people including crewmembers and family members) and there was unanimous support by the attendees to officially form a USS Brooke DEG-1/FFG-1 Association. And thus our organization was born.

            Today, our contact list is approaching 120 crewmembers. Not bad for an idea germinating over a lunch. But there are so many more shipmates out there. Over 22 years of commissioned service almost two thousand sailors called Brooke home. Our goal is to reach out to as many of those men as possible. It has been 16 years since Brooke was struck from the Navy’s roles but her memory will live on through us.

            There are those who may question the rationale or reasoning for having an association. What purpose is there in a bunch of old sailors getting together and retelling sea stories from their youth? I submit to you my friends that it is so much more than that.

            We live in a world where “now” is what seems important and the past is just that, the past. Who cares about what a bunch of “old men” did decades in the past. Tell that to a Marine who assaulted Iwo Jima or an Army infantryman who waded ashore at Normandy and they would shake their heads with sadness. How quickly the current generation forgets the sacrifices made by past generations to secure the freedoms we enjoy today.

            My youngest son, who is a second grade teacher, drove this lesson home to me. This past December 7th I asked him if he mentioned to his class the significance of that day. He said no because it was not in the “approved” curriculum. While he knew what Pearl Harbor meant (and he better if he ever wanted another meal at my home) the school did not teach it because it was not part of the normal teaching materials. Once my outrage subsided I began to wonder if this was just the tip of the iceberg. Was this an isolated incident within a local school district or was it nationwide? How could anyone not “Remember Pearl Harbor” and the event that brought us into WWII? Could it be possible that twenty years from now the sight of those twin towers falling on September 11th would become “old news”? Would the name Todd Beemer (Let’s Roll!) be relegated to historical obscurity? But more importantly, would the lessons and sacrifices of the past be forgotten? Not on my watch!

            On December 20th I had the honor and privilege of speaking at a luncheon for the WWII LCI (Landing Craft Infantry) Association. For those of you who are unfamiliar with LCIs they were a little larger than ocean going minesweepers. They had a crew of 15 and their mission was to land infantry during an assault (think of an oversized Higgins boat). I have to tell you, being in a room with WWII sailors (remember those guys who taught us the ropes) and hearing the “sea stories” from sixty years ago made me proud to have worn a saltwater tuxedo. Looking at their memorabilia and seeing those pictures of young swabbies reminded me of why it is important to keep our history alive. Future generations must never forget what it took for us to get here today.

            And that my friends brings me to the point of why our association is vital. We were the life’s blood of that ship. For twenty-two years she served our country in war and peace and we were her soul. Those of us who manned her were influenced in ways that shaped our lives forever. After our time in the Navy we went on to successful careers in every field. We became doctors, lawyers, politicians, law enforcement, teachers, businessmen, craftsmen, and professionals in many fields. But no matter who we became none can deny that if, by chance, the name USS Brooke came up we, if but for an instant, remembered our time on board and the shipmates that passed through our lives.

            Military friendships are unlike any other friendships. They are forged through a common bond of experiences shared. Experiences unlike anything found in the “civilian world”. Our “good times and bad time” were a little different than those who never wore the uniform. And one only needs to spend five minutes at a reunion to see the years dissipate and the memories of “good times” come flooding back. We were all a part of something special then and we have the opportunity to be part of something special now.

            The USS Brooke DEG-1/FFG-1 Association is dedicated to keeping the memory of our ship alive and recognizing those men who served aboard her. It is my sincerest wish that our association can grow in the coming year. It is said that there is strength in numbers. Our strength as an association is through you, the members and I encourage you to join the “Brooke Gang”.

            May the New Year bring you the best of everything and I hope to see you in San Diego in September.


Fair Winds And Following Seas

Tom Adametz

President, USS Brooke DEG-1/FFG-1 Association




U.S.S. Brooke DEG/FFG-1

2nd Association Reunion

September 15-19, 2004

Holiday Inn, San Diego Bayside

Schedule of Events

Wednesday:             Hospitality Room: 1200-2200

                                Check-in for Reunion

                                Holiday Inn Hosted Reception: Poolside 1700-1800

Thursday:                Hospitality Room: 0800-1730

                                Dinner Cruise: Board 1900 at "Harbor Excursion" downtown, foot of

                                Broadway at 1050 N. Harbor Drive. Buses depart Holiday Inn at 1800

                                Underway at 1900. Debark 2200 and return to hotel

Friday:                    Hospitality Room: 0800-1730

                                Golf: Admiral Baker Golf Course

                                Tee Times: 0800-0815 (subject to change)

                                FREE TIME DAY - Tour downtown waterfront. Hotel provides courtesey

                                shuttle.....or Taxi it to the Zoo or Balboa Park, Enjoy the day!

                                Luau, Poolside: 1800-2200 Hawaiian Food and Entertainment

Saturday:                Hospitality Room: 0800-1730

                               Navy Ship Tour: One of our newest FFG's. Buses depart Holiday Inn 0930

                                Return to hotel approximately 1200

                                Annual Meeting 1500-1600 (Hospitality Room)

                                Banquet:    Cocktails  1800

                                                 Dinner       1900

                                                 Program follows

Sunday:                    Hospitality Room: 0800-1200 Juice and pastries

                                Memorial Service 0900

                                Check-out and departures

                                Next year - New Orleans!

Reservations now being accepted!

Call now for the special reunion rate of $99 per night.

Phone 1-800-662-8899 or fax @ 1-619-224-3629

Just mention the Brooke reunion......

Rates are good before and after the reunion, so come early and stay late!


Recon to New Orleans

    Attention all hands! There will be a Recon mission to New Orleans this May to select a 2005 Brooke reunion hotel site. Everyone's welcome to join us for a "mini-reunion" get-together May 6-10 (Thursday-Monday). We don't have a hotel selected yet, but will have by the next newsletter in April. Call or e-mail us if you'd like to attend. (It's also our 33rd anniversary and our honeymoon site). Steve & Linda Hunt. (253) 471-7766 or e-mail to: It'll be a great fun weekend in the Big Easy!



"Home Movies from the Brooke"

Regular 8 - Super 8 - 16 mm

We'll transfer them onto VHS or DVD FREE of charge! (All film will be returned with your Free Copy). It is great entertainment at all Brooke reunions.... And we might sell a few copies for our Rec Fund! Note: We've already created one video from a Westpac Cruise in 1977. It inclludes some missile shoots, Gun & ASROC firings and towing exercises. Order your copy now!


Also Wanted......

Seattle Reunion Videos!

We only have two short Seattle reunion videos and need your help to create a new video of our first "official" reunion. So, those of you who shot video (any format) during the reunion, we would appreciate a copy of your efforts. If a copy is not available, then send s your original and we'll make a copy and return your original within 1-2 weeks. We can then combine portions of all videos into one nifty tape for future reunions. All those who provide video footage, or photos, of this past great event will be entitled to 1 (one) FREE copy of the finished product! Just send them to:

Steve Hunt, Secretary/Treasurer

P.O. Box 1692

Tacoma, WA 98401



Our Membership is growing!

Current Membership List:

Tom Adametz - STG 1965-1968

Steve Hunt - STG 1965-1968

Richard Witt - RM 1965-1967

Duane Schinn - BM 1965-1967

Jimmy Hanna - PN 1965-1968

Ron Roszkowski - OS 1984-1988

Ken Clayton - BT 1965-1967

B.J. Bjelland - SK 1971-1973

Jerry Wilkerson - GMM 1965-1968

E.J. "Buddy" Harris - STG 1965-1968

John Limbaugh - STG 1965-1968

John Anamosa - Chief Eng. 1981-1983

Gene Shuttleworth - GMM 1964-1969

Roy Cook - Missile Off. 1965-1967

Bill Johnson - STG 1964-1970

Foster G. Dunlap - STG 1964-1967

Ed Wilson - HM 1982-1986

Larry Whitaker - STG 1966-1970

Terry Wolfe - Lt. 1964-1967

Del Turner - ASW Off. 1965-1967

David Allen - BM 1976-1978

Brian McQuillan - FTM 1981-1985

Ed (Rita) Giblen - SM 1965-1968

Donald (Gene) Franck - RM 1976-1979

Billy Morrow - Ops Off. 1964-1967

Scott Youngren - ET 1966-1968

Richard Blackington - First XO 1964-1967



Regular Membership dues to the Association are $25 per year. Associate membership (no fee) is available for all surviving spouses of Brooke Crewmembers.

Your current membership expiration date is to the right of your name on the address label on the newsletter. To continue "Port & Starboard" please remit your dues payment in accordance with published dues schedule, payable to the USS Brooke Association and mail to our Treasurer at the address below:

Steve Hunt

USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

P.O. Box 1692

Tacoma, WA 98401


For more information please visit our website @