We're on our way to a successful September Seattle Reunion!

    While we haven't had very many "reunion surveys" returned (9), we have had many responses by e-mail, snail mail and phone to identify about 28 positive attendees and another 30 possibles (see list). In addition, we have received enough donations to help get our new Brooke Assoc. off the ground. However, donations are still appreciated so, don't be shy. Every dollar helps, both now and for future mailings, printing, etc.

    I have enclosed a copy of the first survey form (Survey), so be sure to send it in even if you choose not to contribute at this time. We still need the info to plan September's reunion! Also enclosed is a new form, suggested by the XO--a short questionnaire on hour whereabouts and accomplishments since life on the Brooke (Questionnaire). If we receive enough of them, we'll compile them into a booklet for distribution at the reunion.

    Since the last mailing, we have updated our mailing list (not on website) and have had several additions thanks to other shipmates. We've added John "Sticky-buns" Limbaugh, Duane Schinn and Wilbert "Bill" Johnson. It seems John L. (push-up champion of the Brooke) has had some health problems (by-pass surgery and more) and the "Boats" has been ill lately. Both say they'll be at the reunion so we hope to see them in Seattle! Also, Bill Johnson mentioned that he has THREE BROOKE LIGHTERS which he will donate for our raffle in September. Says he quit smoking when sea-store cigs went to 2 bucks a carton! Was that a long time ago or what!? Incidentally, he'll probably be our CMAA during the reunion so, here's a head's up..any gear adrift left out will end up in the Lucky Bag. And to retrieve them, we have to load shotgun shells...Some things never change. Moving on....

    Recently I have been in contact with Nick Previti, pro-tem Supply Officer from the Ramsey FFG-2. They have formed an association complete with by-laws and a constitution. So, if we decide to move in the same direction, we'll be in good shape, as he's mailing us a copy of them. Also, he's already mailed us their first newsletter and it has a lot of good stuff and ideas in it, such as naming our newsletter. They named theirs "Fore & Aft". As you can see from our masthead, I've anointed ours "Port & Starboard", a name I've resurrected from a newsletter I published in the early 80's for the Tacoma Reserve Center. The newsletter will also be discussed during our business meeting in Sept. In addition, I've also been in contact with several companies which produce ball caps and shirts, etc. with our own silhouetted ship on them (as on this newsletter).

    To recap: Enclosed you will find:

        1. Reunion Survey

        2. Personnel Questionnaire

        3. Updated mailing list (not on website)

        4. E-mail list for all former Brooke crewmembers

        5. General Information Sheet

        6. Wanted! Home Movies!

    Wrapping up...

    If you haven't returned your survey forms yet, please do so ASAP, along with the additional questionnaire. The next mail out, scheduled for May or June, will include all reunion information, along with an official registration form and, hopefully, a BROOKE ball cap/golf shirt order form.

    Thanks again for all those who have returned the survey forms and included donations (You know who you are). It's you guys who are determining the future of the Brooke reunions, the new Brooke Association and newsletters. Until next time....