San Diego Reunion Update



    In January, Tom and I signed the contract for the reunion in September, so we're locked in for the Sept. 15-19 dates in San Diego.

    However, there is not an event reservation form included in this newsletter as we did not have the transportation worked out for the dinner cruise or the ship's tour. The "school" buses are very expensive in San Diego and Tom is still working out the best deal for us.

    So, in our next newsletter (in June) the finalized registration form will be included. In the interim, we encourage you to make your hotel reservation at the Holiday Inn - Bayside as soon as possible. (See schedule of events page 4). No money is required, only a credit card to hold the room.

    Room reservations must be made and guaranteed (for the 1st night) by August 23rd and individuals must identify themselves as a member of the USS BROOKE reunion to receive the special room rate of $99.

    Other news is our upcoming Recon mission to New Orleans in May. It's not too late to join us! We'll be staying at the Clarion on Canal Street at a special rate of $62.00 May 6-10. 

    I've been in contact with the rep from the USS BUCK Association and they've provided some great tips for our 2005 reunion in New Orleans. They recently had their reunion there and stayed at the Maison St. Charles.

    We'll be checking it out, along with several others for the best price, location, amenities, etc. So if you wish to join our research party make your hotel reservation and let me know as soon as possible. We're making advance brunch and dinner reservations at The Court of Two Sisters, Brennens and other famous restaurants in the Big Easy.

    Now, about our membership: 

    Since February 1st we have gained 14 new members. Please see our membership list for the new additions. The plankowners on the list I remember the most are Wes Feeler, cook and Brooke cakemaker, and Jim Looker, famous for his at-sea haircuts!! Almost everyone aboard had the opportunity to meet these plankowners on a daily basis.

    These new additions brings our total membership to just over 40. We have sent out an associate or honorary membership to the widows of past crewmembers, Joe (Sena) Fornier, Robert (Patty) McLaughlin and Ed (Rita) 

    I've been in continuous contact with Nick Previti, CO of the RAMSEY Association, and he reports that their ship membership has now passed the 100 mark. He thinks it's a great indicator for us, and I agree. they formed their association just a year before us and we'll soon be at the halfway point. When some of the members who attended the Seattle Reunion send in their member apps. we should be over 60....(insert reminder here).

    The Ship's Store order form is included in this issue in a reduced form. We'd like to keep the membership informed of the BROOKE items available year 'round, not just at reunions. We now have about 100 Brooke ballcaps, both DEG and FFG, and about 50 Brooke polo shirts in all sizes. There's also an endless amount of videos available....

    Well, that's about all for now.... Next newsletter will be around June 1st. Please call me or send me an e-mail if you have any Brooke news or information for the next newsletter. Phone numbers is on the back and my e-mail address is:

Steve Hunt




            The second annual reunion of the USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1 Association is fast coming upon us. I hope that many of you are making plans to join your shipmates in San Diego, CA September 15-19, 2004.

            We are planning many great events to make your stay in San Diego memorable. We have a harbor dinner cruise, Hawaiian Luau, golf outing, ship tour, and a reunion banquet scheduled. In addition there will be plenty of time to see many of the wonderful sights that San Diego has to offer. For many folks this will be the first time they have returned to Brookes’ homeport in many years. I can tell you, as a resident of San Diego for almost 40 years, it has certainly changed. The most dramatic change is the new city skyline. With the addition of many new tall buildings and the Padres’ new ballpark, San Diego looks little like the sleepy “Navy Town” of the sixties. And if you will allow me just a little nostalgia…

            As we pulled into the harbor back then, the QMs would shoot bearings on local landmarks to navigate us safely through the channel as we proceeded to 32nd St. Naval Station. From Ballast Point, to the aero tower on North Island we would see the County Administration Building along the waterfront and “5 Stacks”, the old city power plant. Back then as we approached Pier 1 or 2, one had a clear view all the way to Mexico. The tallest building on the skyline was the El Cortez hotel and water taxis moved about the harbor from the Fleet Landing to Coronado. Today, the power plant with its five smoke stacks is long gone and the Coronado Bay Bridge has replaced the water taxis, along with the unobstructed view to “TJ”.

            When we went on liberty we would go out the front gate of the NAVSTA and catch a bus or cab downtown. Most of us kept our “civvies” at places like the Seven Seas or E-Street locker clubs. If we weren’t old enough to grab a beer we spent many liberty hours going to the movies at such theatres like the Balboa, California, or Spreckles. Back then most movie theatres had balconies and each seat had an ashtray in the arm. When it was time to head back to the ship we would catch a bus (by that time we didn’t have enough money left to catch a cab) at Horton Plaza and be dropped off at the gate of 32nd St. After showing our ID and “Liberty Card” to the guard in the shack (and how we hated digging that wallet out of our dress whites because it made the pocket dirty as heck) we walked (staggered/stumbled?) back to the brow to hit our racks. How we made it to quarters in the morning is still a mystery to me. It had to be the resilience of youth because, at quarters, we were already planning the evenings’ liberty. Just try to imagine doing that today…

            Well, it’s all gone now. The theatres, locker clubs and tattoo parlors no longer exist, as we knew them. Horton Plaza is now a multi-level shopping mall and what was once a “seedy” area of town is now the very lively “Gaslamp District”, filled with restaurants, open air cafes and shops, and of course, the new ballpark.

            Yes, San Diego has changed but in a very positive way. It is a beautiful, vibrant city and I believe you will enjoy the change. I hope all of you will consider coming here in September and sharing the memories and camaraderie that were made possible by our time on USS Brooke.


Fair Winds and Following Seas,


Tom Adametz


USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1 Association



U.S.S. Brooke DEG/FFG-1

2nd Association Reunion

September 15-19, 2004

Holiday Inn, San Diego Bayside

Schedule of Events

Wednesday:             Hospitality Room: 1200-2200

                                Check-in for Reunion

                                Holiday Inn Hosted Reception: Poolside 1700-1800

Thursday:                Hospitality Room: 0800-1730

                                Dinner Cruise: Board 1900 at "Harbor Excursion"  

                                downtown, foot of Broadway at 1050 N. Harbor Drive.

                                Buses depart Holiday Inn at 1800

                                Underway at 1900. Debark 2200 and return to hotel

Friday:                    Hospitality Room: 0800-1730

                                Golf: Admiral Baker Golf Course

                                Tee Times: 0800-0815 (subject to change)

                                FREE TIME DAY - Tour downtown waterfront. Hotel

                                provides courtesy shuttle.....or Taxi it to the Zoo or

                                Balboa Park, Enjoy the day!

                                Luau, Poolside: 1800-2200 Hawaiian Food and


Saturday:                Hospitality Room: 0800-1730

                               Navy Ship Tour: One of our newest FFG's. Buses

                                depart Holiday Inn 0930

                                Return to hotel approximately 1200

                                Annual Meeting 1500-1600 (Hospitality Room)

                                Banquet:    Cocktails  1800

                                Dinner       1900

                                Program follows

Sunday:                    Hospitality Room: 0800-1200 Juice and pastries

                                Memorial Service 0900

                                Check-out and departures

                                Next year - New Orleans!


January Meeting with Holiday Inn Bayside

Items Discussed/Agreed Upon

1. Reunion will be held September 15-19, 2004

2. Room rates will be $99 +tax

3. With 30 rooms we receive the Bay Room as our Hospitality Room

4. With 35 rooms we receive a suite for the president

5. One (1) hour complimentary reception with goodies, beer, wine, well drinks (Wed. night)

6. Free 24 hour airport shuttle

7. "Flex" shuttle (when there are enough people wanting to go to Seaport Village, Old Town, and Horton Plaza

8. Hospitality room is ours for the four days, hotel opens and locks it for us, we can bring in our own goodies, including beverages, and they will provide ice. (We will probably need some volunteers to man the room while open)

9. We can bring in our own cake at the banquet and they will cut it at no charge. The cake will be considered "desert" and replace what they would have normally served (hence, the no charge)

10. The hotel will provide a military color guard for our banquet at no charge. We have the option to invite the color guard for dinner on our dime but it is not required

11. All meals bought at the hotel restaurant receive a "senior" discount for those over 55 (do we have anyone under 55??) Maybe a few....

12. The Friday night Hawaiian luau requires 25 minimum

13. A $400 banquet deposit was required, which was paid at the meeting



Our Membership is growing!

Current Membership List:

Tom Adametz - STG 1965-1968

Steve Hunt - STG 1965-1968

Richard Witt - RM 1965-1967

Duane Schinn - BM 1965-1967

Jimmy Hanna - PN 1965-1968

Ron Roszkowski - OS 1984-1988

Ken Clayton - BT 1965-1967

B.J. Bjelland - SK 1971-1973

Jerry Wilkerson - GMM 1965-1968

E.J. "Buddy" Harris - STG 1965-1968

John Limbaugh - STG 1965-1968

John Anamosa - Chief Eng. 1981-1983

Gene Shuttleworth - GMM 1964-1969

Roy Cook - Missile Off. 1965-1967

Bill Johnson - STG 1964-1970

Foster G. Dunlap - STG 1964-1967

Ed Wilson - HM 1982-1986

Larry Whitaker - STG 1966-1970

Terry Wolfe - Lt. 1964-1967

Del Turner - ASW Off. 1965-1967

David Allen - BM 1976-1978

Brian McQuillan - FTM 1981-1985

Ed (Rita) Giblen - SM 1965-1968

Donald (Gene) Franck - RM 1976-1979

Billy Morrow - Ops Off. 1964-1967

Scott Youngren - ET 1966-1968

Richard Blackington - First XO 1964-1967


Joe (Sina) Fornier 1964-1967

Robert (Patty) McLaughlin STG 1964-1968

Wes Feeler CS 1965-1966

LeRoy Schultz RD 1967-1970

Bob Veach BM 1968-1970

James Walters GMM 1964-1967

David Kalaf STG 1965-1968

Jerry Hamling STG 1964-1967

John Burrows MM 1980-1981

Gary Banks EW 1977-1979

Jim Looker SH 1967-1969

Jerry Beckius FTM 1969-1971

George Columbo ET 1982-1985

Steve Vickers FTM 1964-1969



Membership List To Be Published

    Hopefully by the next reunion we will publish an updated membership list with the snail mail and e-mail addresses (if available) and phone numbers. Anyone not wishing to share this information with Brooke members only then please drop a line to our P.O. Box or call me at 1 (253) 471-7766. We will not pass along our mailing list to ANYONE other than former Brooke members.


Sea Stories Wanted..............

Have a favorite Sea Story from the Brooke or other ship? We'd like to hear from you!

    The crew of a fast frigate (could've been the Brooke) was practicing the man overboard drill with "Oscar". The captain watched as young lieutenant nervously stopped the ship, turned it and maneuvered into place. Unfortunately, he ran right over Oscar. Surveying the remains of Oscar scattered around the ship, the captain told the lieutenant, "Son, do me a favor. If I ever fall overboard, just drop anchor and I'll swim to you."


Holiday Inn Bayside Reservations now being accepted!


Call now for the special reunion rate of $99 per night (+ tax)

Phone 1-800-662-8899 


fax @ 1-619-224-3629


Just mention the Brooke Reunion

Rates are good before and after the reunion so come early and stay late!








Regular Membership dues to the Association are $25 per year. Associate membership (no fee) is available for all surviving spouses of Brooke Crewmembers.

Your current membership expiration date is to the right of your name on the address label on the newsletter. To continue "Port & Starboard" please remit your dues payment in accordance with published dues schedule, payable to the USS Brooke Association and mail to our Treasurer at the address below:

Steve Hunt

USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

P.O. Box 1692

Tacoma, WA 98401


For more information please visit our website @