Patriot's Point/Ft. Sumter highlights Charleston

Another Reunion Underway!

Ahoy again!

   I finally got the tours planned and all the information for our event schedule in Charleston.  I think you’ll be very comfortable with this year’s schedule.  It’s not too busy, but it’s enough to keep every-body busy most of the time. As I said in the short letter I sent out on the first of April, in March Buddy Harris and I did a site inspection of the Radisson airport Hotel in Charleston and, shortly after that, signed the contract.

   This reunion, we’ve made a few changes to our normal reunion schedule.  First, we did not schedule a regular dinner cruise.  In October, sunset arrives early and dinner cruises usually begin about that time.  To compensate, the Fort Sumter Tour provides a harbor tour, to and from the Fort, so you’ll still have a short harbor cruise to view Charleston from “the sea”, and in daylight.

   We have a free-time evening on Thursday, so you may enjoy a leisurely dinner at the hotel or venture out for fast-food or better for those with transportation.  There are lots of restaurants within a 3 mile area.

   This year, we’ve also scheduled a “Pizza Night” on Friday.  Since we’ll be on a lengthy tour of Patriot’s Point we’ll have Pizza in our own Hospitality Room that night.

   While we’ll have some time on Thursday, after the Fort Sumter Tour, to shop and have lunch in Historic downtown Charleston, we’ll also have another shot at shopping, etc, on Saturday for those taking the guided Bus Tour.  This will be the first time we’ve actually scheduled and event after our Business Meeting.  The meeting will start at 0800 instead of our usual 0900.

   Moving on….

   Included in this newsletter is a noteworthy article/poem sent in be Brooke’s first XO, Richard Blackington (Page 7).  I think you’ll find it as interesting as I did.  The XO thought it should be read at the reunion, however, I think we’ll reach more shipmates in the P&S now, rather than wait until the reunion.  Who knows? It just might inspire more attendees. Thanks XO. Hope you can make it in October. 

  With the additional informational pages, which I usually include in the reunion package, you’ll find the front and inside cover of the “Naval History” magazine issue from Feb. 2006. It was a timely issue for our reunion, as it features the USS Laffey DD-724 on its cover and, of course, the Laffey is moored at Patriot’s Point for touring. Almost this entire issue of Naval History is dedicated to Tin Can Sailors and Destroyers.  Lots of great articles!  You can find them at

  Well, I hope everyone makes the “Welcome Aboard” party on Wednesday evening. Its hosted by the Radisson Hotel. I believe everyone will enjoy the atmosphere at the Radisson, as I did.  They also have a free airport shuttle to the hotel (phone located at the end of baggage claim) PLUS, they are providing an extend-ed shuttle downtown at a very reasonable (cheap) charge.

   Guess that’s about all for now.  I hope to have the P&S out in June, August and the end of September.


Your Secretary/Treasurer.   



It has been a few months since I have had a chance to “hang out on the fantail” with you and catch up on what our Association has been doing. And while it has only been seven months since our New Orleans get together, and all the adventures that reunion brought, it seems like so much more time has passed. But rest assured that we are charging ahead with plans for the 2006 reunion in Charleston and to date we are well on our way to making this the biggest and best reunion by far.

I want to take a moment to publicly acknowledge the work that our Secretary/Treasurer, Steve Hunt and our Vice President, Buddy Harris did in traveling down to Charleston to “walk the ground” and check out all of the events we have planned for you in October. Without their efforts the forthcoming reunion would not be nearly as good as we expect it to be. Under normal circumstances I would have joined them but my wife, Harriet, was recovering from spinal surgery and I could not make the trip. Then again, maybe that was a good thing because letting Steve, Buddy and myself run loose without adult supervision in Charleston would probably not have been a good thing. Not that we were liberty risks back when we were young, but……..

I do hope you will consider joining us in Charleston. It seems that with each passing year we get closer to that point in our lives where we may not be able to travel and have the opportunity to see old friends and shipmates. I, for one, believe that reconnecting with those who influenced my life in so many ways is very important as I get ready to enter my seventh decade on this side of the grass.

Hopefully, our East coast shipmates will take advantage of this opportunity to attend the reunion. It was our specific intention to hold a reunion on the “Right Coast” to make it easier in cost and time of travel for those who live there.

One of the more interesting asides that came of our New Orleans reunion was the creation of “Survivor Shirts”. Steve Hunt and I came up with the idea to have commemorative shirts made up for the seventeen folks who “survived” Hurricane Katrina. Well, I created the art work and forwarded it to the folks who make our Association shirts and they put together these special shirts. When completed the shirts were shipped from Florida to Steve’s office in Tacoma, WA. Upon arrival they simply disappeared (Steve’s employee signed for them) and they were nowhere to be found. I will let Steve tell you about his employee when he sees you. The bottom line is that Steve, being the stand- up-guy that he is, paid for the loss out of his own pocket (almost $500) and we reordered the shirts. I don’t know about you but I sure won’t let Steve buy his own drinks down in Charleston! Anyway, the new order should be arriving any day (Steve swears that only HE will be signing for them) and they should be on their way to the “Slovenly Seventeen” shortly thereafter.

I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends again in Charleston.  


Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Tom Adametz


USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1



    Shirt Update!

Just a day before this issue went to the copier we FINALLY received the shirts….Well, the 2nd order, then the 1st order, in that order.  Seems our shirt factory switched the labels on our 13 lb. box with an 8 ounce envelope. We received, and signed,  for an envelope containing samples of various ships patches. The shirts were never mailed to us in February.

So, we now have a few extra “Survivor Shirts” .  If anyone is interested in purchasing one then we’ll sell’em at our cost of $25. Most sizes available.



USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

Charleston, S.C. - Registration

October 25-29, 2006


Name_______________________________     _____________________________

Spouse and/or                                                                   Name for Badge                                                             Guest Name _______________________         _____________________________

                                                                                           Name for Badge




Room(s) reserved at Radisson Hotel?  Yes or No____________

Arrival Date:__________Time__________     Departure Date:_______Time:____________


[ ] Please reserve_______seats for “Welcome Aboard” Party hosted by Radisson Hotel!

          Wednesday 1800 to 2000 in our Hospitality Room. Beer/Wine & Light snacks.


[ ] Please reserve_______seats  Ft. Sumter and city tour                  @$51 ea. ____________

           Shop and have lunch in Historic Charleston after Ft. Sumter Tour. Includes all Bus Tour Charges.

          Thursday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm                   7 hours.

[ ] Please reserve_______seats for Pizza Night!                  Pizza included with registration

          Thursday 1800 – 2000 in our Hospitality Room


[ ] Please reserve _______seats  Patriots Point  with lunch                @$44 ea. ___________

          aboard the Yorktown in CPO Mess                      Includes all Bus Tour Charges.

          Friday 9 am to 2 pm                                  5 hours.


[ ] Please reserve _______seats on Bus Tour of Historic Charleston @$28ea. ___________

               Shopping and lunch (not incl) around the Old City Market              Includes all Bus Tour Charges.

               Saturday 10:30 to 4:30                             6 hours


[ ] Please reserve_______seats for the Saturday Night Banquet        @$39 ea.  ___________

              THREE ENTRÉE Southern BUFFET with all the trimmings!          Includes entertainment tba.


                                     Reunion Registration Fee______person(s)     @ $20 ea. __________


                       TOTAL ALL EVENTS AND REGISTRATION FEES            _____________


To help your reunion hosts plan our reunion, please check off the events

and send this form along with your reunion total as soon as possible


USS Brooke Assoc./Steve Hunt P.O. Box 1692 Tacoma, Wa.  98401

More details/Questions Call Steve @253-471-7766 (day) e-mail:



USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

Charleston Event Schedule

October 25 – 29, 2006


October 25th  – Wednesday

           Hospitality Room Opens 1200

           Welcome Aboard Registration – Pick up Reunion Pkg./Refreshments!

           Ship’s Store Open

           Radisson Hotel hosting a “Welcome Aboard” Party 1800 to 2000

October 26th  – Thursday

           Buffet breakfast begins at 0600

           Ft. Sumter and city tour from 8:30 to 3:30

           Shop and have lunch in Historic Charleston today.

           Board buses at 8:15 sharp.         7 hours.

           Pizza night in the Hospitality room!  Begins @ 1800.

October 27th – Friday

           Buffet breakfast begins at 0600

           Hospitality Room opens 0800

           Patriots Point with lunch aboard the USS Yorktown in the CPO Mess.

           0900 to 1400.    5 hours.    Free evening to have dinner at the hotel,

           take the hotel shuttle downtown (at a very minimum cost) or just fast

           food fare from nearby establishments. (within walking distance).

October 28th  – Saturday

           Hospitality Room opens 0800 – Annual Business Meeting 0800 – 1000

           Coffee, juice and pastries served.

           Guided Bus Tour of Historic Charleston and lunch on your own at the

           Old City Market downtown.

           Tour is from 1030 to 1630    6 hours.

           Saturday night Banquet /Social at 1800 Dinner at 1900 – 2100      

           Entertainment TBA

October 29th  – Sunday

           Hospitality Room opens 0800 – 1200

           Memorial Service  at 1000 for our departed shipmates.



From Your Vice President - Buddy Harris

Hey You’s Guys and Gals!

   Well, here it is eight months since our last reunion in what was formerly known as New Orleans.  Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to our 2006 reunion in Charleston, S.C.

   Time does go by so fast!  Speaking of time going by fast, at beginning this month I turned 60. That’s 42 years after I was assigned to the Brooke Pre-Comm detail. Julie found the perfect T-shirt for me…”I’m not 60, I am 18 with 42 years experience…” Priceless!

   In addition to turning the big six-o, Julie and I became the proud grandparents of two beautiful baby boys.  The first was born in February and the second followed four weeks to the day in March.  I already need to supplement my retirement, as we keep buying all kinds of neat things for our grandsons.

   Well, back to the business at hand.  

Steve Hunt and I met in March in Charleston, S.C. for the ConFam (which is for reunion planners).  We stayed at the Clarion Hotel, which seemed to have its share of problems.  It looked like it was in bad need of a serious renovation.  The cleaning staff went on strike and we encountered some problems with the maid service as well.

   We ventured out and toured the downtown area, experiencing a lot of what Charleston has to offer.   This city reminded me an awful lot of New Orleans, with some interesting history and it’s character.  Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself like the catastrophe in New Orleans with Mother Nature.  Well, on to a happy note….we visited Fort Sumter for a four-hour tour, which we found enjoyable, also the old Boone Plantation complete with slave quarters.   We also went to dinner on a harbor cruise.  The food was good, but we both felt it would have been nicer to have a luncheon cruise, in order to see the sights of the city while on the harbor.  We then ventured out to Patriot’s Point where the USS Yorktown is docked, and had lunch on the flight deck.  They gave a great tour of the “Fighting Lady” and museum of ships and aircraft.   The Yorktown is in need of much TLC, however, considering the ship is older than most of us, I guess she has fared well after all these years.  We also saw the Coast Guard Cutter Ingham  and the USS Clamagore,   , a WWII  Diesel Sub.  They had a mock up of a Vietnam Army Fire Base, but we didn’t have time to take the tour.

   Steve and I experienced quite a bit in a short time in Charleston.  There is plenty of shopping for the ladies and also many eateries and I understand that the nightlife is hopping there as well.   We spoke to Gunther Newmann twice while there, however, due to some medical problems with his family, I didn’t get to see him this trip, (Steve did on his last day).  I think all is well with his family, at this time.

   In closing, please see all the reunion details that Steve has published in this issue of Port & Starboard.  Please book early to assure the best rates. The rates are good two days prior and post.   Hope to see you all at the Brooke 2006 Reunion in Charleston.

One last note: Of course I will bring the grandparents brag book along….

‘Til then, be well.

Buddy Harris,

Vice President, USS Brooke Association


Word to the Wives

By Linda Hunt

I’m REALLY looking forward to this year’s reunion in Charleston.  I think I must have been a Southerner in a former life, as I have truly loved all the Deep South cities I’ve visited, and Charleston is no exception!  I’ve only been there once, for any length of time, several years ago, for another ship’s reunion.  That was in July, so it was really TOO hot to enjoy a lot of things, like the Yorktown.  By the time we got there, all I could do was sit in front of the fan, so it’ll be GREAT to be able to explore—should be a lot more comfortable in October!!

    I hope you’re all planning on coming, as Steve has so many enjoyable things planned.  When I was there before, we didn’t do the Historic Charleston tour, so I’m looking forward to that a lot.

    I hope you all plan on taking advantage of the extra time we have, as there are many more wonderful things to see and do.

We hope to see all of the familiar faces, and many new ones, in Charleston this year!





USS Yorktown CVS-10


Cold War Submarine Memorial           Coast Guard Cutter Ingham                             USS Laffey DD-724



USS Brooke Reunion

Charleston, S.C.

October 25th – 29th, 2006


Radisson Hotel

Room Rates: $89 Single or Dbl. + Taxes

Note: Rates are honored 2 days prior and 2 days after the reunion.

So, come early and stay late!  Hotel rates will NEVER be BETTER!

Hotel has recently been renovated and ALL rooms have “Sleep-number” beds!


For Reservations:

Call hotel direct at 1-843-744-2501 or

 Radisson central at 1-800-333-3333

Space is limited…

Make your reservation TODAY!


Planned events:

Patriot’s Point Tour with

Lunch aboard the USS Yorktown In the CPO Mess

Ship’s visits: Destroyer, CG Cutter, Submarine


Ft. Sumter Tour

Where the Civil War Started!


Guided Bus Tour through Historic Charleston

 And shopping at the Old City Market


Possible tours to Confederate Sub “The Hunley”,

Ft. Moultrie and/or the City Aquarium


Reunion Tours:



Tour Patriots Point, the world’s largest naval and maritime museum. Visit the Aircraft Carrier YORKTOWN, the Fighting Lady of World War  II; the destroyer LAFFEY, a participant in the World War II D-Day Landings at Normandy;

The Submarine, GLAMAGORE, one of the Navy’s last diesel-powered submarines; and the Coast Guard Cutter, INGHAM,

Which was in active service until decommissioned and given to Patriots Point in 1989.  Enjoy a traditional hot lunch in the

CPO Mess.  Yep!  Lunch is even served on those old metal trays!  ***



Tour Charleston, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the South.  Her stately homes with their lovely gardens, her

Magnificent public buildings and her majestic churches will enchant you.  As you tour you will see the College of Charleston,

Harleston Village (one of the early suburbs of the city), the Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, and of course

Our famous Battery with its elegant town houses built by planters and merchants in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Spend some

Time shopping and browsing in the Old City Market and have lunch on your own at one of our fine restaurants. ***



As you cruise through Charleston’s beautiful harbor, you will view the beautiful homes along the Bartery, and watch the Sea

gulls and the dolphins play in the harbor.  Upon arrival at Fort Sumter, where the Civil War began, rangers from the National 

       Park Service will give you an informative introduction before you tour this famous bastion and its marvelous museum. ***



On February 17, 1864, the Confederate submarine, the Hunley, successfully sank the USS Housatonic in Charleston harbor

By ramming her with a spar torpedo.  She was the first submarine to be used successfully in naval warfare.  Lost for 136 years after the momentous victory, the Hunley was successfully raised from the ocean floor in August of 2000.  Today, she and her crew have been successfully preserved in a special tank and are being studied by a renowned team of archeologists.

There are on-going discoveries being made about this amazing vessel and her crew.  Tour includes an expert guide.**



Begin your visit to Fort Moultrie by viewing the film that depicts the history of the fort.  After the film a guide will beive you a brief orientation to the fort, which began its life as a simple fort  built of Palmetto logs and sand from which Revolutionary soldiers under the leadership of Col. William Moultrie repulsed a British fleet on June 28th, 1776.  The fort remained active until 1947 and is one of the more interesting forts on the eastern seaboard. **


** Tours Possible if schedule allows (to be paid at reunion)    *** Tours on our present schedule


More Reunion/Hotel Information


Due to the success of a record  turnout at last year’s reunion…

Our reunion is again open to all crewmembers’ friends and relatives!

PLUS, we are hoping to integrate our reunion with ALL

“Brooke-Class” shipmates, beginning this year.




A Message From the Brooke’s First XO:

Richard Blackington

e-mail to Tom Adametz:

Tom,    I would hope to be able to be at the next gathering of the Brooke clan.  In any event, I came across a poem by Rachel Firth that I have modified to fit our occasion.  Please see that someone reads the message.

   “Who are we? Why are we here?  Autumn leaves rustling, together to the appointed place, these old Brooke sailors have come like Pilgrims drifting across the land they fought to preserve.  Where we meet is not important anymore.  Greetings echo across a lobby.  Hands reach out and arms draw buddies close.  Embraces that, as young men, we were too uncomfortable to give, too shy to accept so lovingly.  But deep within these Indian Summer days, we have all reached a greater understanding of life and love.  The shells holding our souls are weaker now, but our hearts and minds grow vigorous, remembering.

   On the table we spread old photographs, a test of recollection. Friendly laughter echoes at shocks of hair gone grey or white or merely gone.  Our rugged slender bodies lost forever.  Yet we no longer need to prove our strength. Some of us are now sustained by one or more of the medicines miracles, and even in this fact we manage to find humor.  Our women, all those who waited, all those who loved us, have watched the changes take place.  Now they observe and listen, and smile at each other, as glad to be together as we men are.

    Talk turns to war and ships and foreign lands.  Stories are told and told again, reweaving the now thread-bare fabric of the past.  Mending, one more time, the banner of our youth.  We hear the vibrations, feel the ship shudder as the engines whine and whirl and the turbo-chargers on the boilers kicks in.  Brooke is speeding up, chasing memories of our past.  These old salts can be seen beyond the mist of low flying clouds, on the sea again, feeling the exhilaration as Brooke rolls in the ocean swells.

    Dead shipmates, hearing their names spoken, wanting to share in this time, if only in spirit, move silently among us.  Their presence is felt and smiles appear beneath misty eyes.  Each of us, in his own way, wonders who will be absent in another year.  The room grows quiet for a while.

   Suddenly an ember flames to life.  Another memory burns bright and a new tale is told.  Our talk may turn to other wars and other men, and of futility.  So, this is how it goes.  The past is so much the present.

    In our ceremonies, the allegiances, the speeches and prayers, one cannot help but hear the deep eternal love of country and Brooke shipmates that we will forever share. Much too soon to set aside this little piece of yesterday, but the past cannot be held too long, for it is fragile.

    We will say “farewell”, “See you another year, God willing”.  Each of us will keep a little of the others within, now and forever.

God speed and smooth seas.  You were the first and you are the finest.





Regular Membership dues to the Association are $25 per year. Associate membership (no fee) is available for all surviving spouses of Brooke Crewmembers.

Your current membership expiration date is to the right of your name on the address label on the newsletter. To continue "Port & Starboard" please remit your dues payment in accordance with published dues schedule, payable to the USS Brooke Association and mail to our Treasurer at the address below:

Steve Hunt

USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

P.O. Box 1692

Tacoma, WA 98401


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