Reunion Hotel Now Taking Reservations

Well, at four months out, things are sure coming together for our Reno Reunion.  As you’ll see on page five, our hotel contract is signed, and with a great rate!  The Silver Legacy is about the best hotel in Reno (only 15 years old) and if you haven’t been there and seen it, stand by to be impressed.  For those coming early and/or staying late the rate is still $59 for a single or double. (Tom and I will be there two days before and one day after).  There’s lots to do and see, so you’ll be entertained 24/7 if you can handle the pace.

The official registration with all the tour information, etc. will be in the June newsletter.  However, the hotel registration/reservation and our “special Code” and phone numbers are listed on the “Hotel Page” so please make your reservation now.  Don’t wait until the deadline!

Our first “attendee list” is on page six along with about 34 Wannabes, who all expressed great interest on our Brooke Questionnaire card, sent out in February.  Almost all who’ve responded positive in past reunions come, with the exception of emergencies.  So, we now have over 50 positives and probably another 15 or 20 wannabes and, always, a few last-minute stragglers. Appears we could end up with 70 to 80 attending this one!

Also you’ll see on the attendee page a list of former Brooke crewmembers who have been on our mailing list, but have not responded to or participated in our questionnaire or have not joined the Assoc., or attended any reunions.  Unless they contact me before the June newsletter, then they will be dropped from the mailing list.  Those members probably don’t read the newsletter, so, what the heck, they won’t even know they’ve been dropped.

Now, back to Reno….

The “Reno Reunion Schedule” has our tours listed and they are detailed on page four along with the Basque Restaurant Menu on page three.  You’ll probably notice there are no prices listed.  We know we’re going to do the tours, but we haven’t signed with any tour company yet, so there are no set prices, however, the Basque dinner is set at $30 each, all inclusive.  The tours will run around $45 for Virginia City and probably $20 more for the Lake Tahoe Cruise, which includes the bus, the cruise and lunch.  All will be listed in June’s newsletter.

Next to last item is our new video of WestPac ’68.  Donated by FTG Kay Deach, it has much more footage than our previous WestPac ’68 video of 38 minutes.  This one is 72 minutes and is a great video!  Kaye seemed to line up every shot and I believe he edited the film after it was developed.  From that I edited another 10 minutes during video transfer of “ocean views” footage and we ended up with a fairly professional-looking video.  I’m sure those who purchase it will enjoy it. Thanks, Kaye, for the great footage!

And, last, is our Brooke questionnaire card.  All in all, we were fairly successful as we had about 75 cards returned.  While I sent out about 150, if you subtract about 40 of those (listed as non-participants on page six) then we ended up with only about 35 who did not respond. End result is we not only have a very good indication of who’s attending the next reunion, but those who probably will attend a future reunion. They have also helped select our next reunion locations, such as Colorado Springs and San Diego (again).

Thank you for returning the cards and see you in Reno!

 Steve, Your Sec./Treas.




Greetings to all and I hope this finds everyone in good health and spirits. I want to be able to share so many thoughts with you so I will address them, in no particular order, as they come to mind.

As I compose this column I can't help but feel a sense of excitement as we fast approach our 2009 Reunion in Reno, NV. In just a little over four months the crew will be gathering again to share the fun and adventure of visiting another venue for our annual muster of the "Brooke Gang". Based on the site-survey that Steve Hunt and I took to Reno in February, this year promises to be one of our best. There is simply too much to do in Reno for one not to have fun. I think if one had to make a comparison, Reno would be like a land "cruise", i.e. great and varied food, plenty of "tours", and for those who are inclined to chance Lady Luck, just a little gambling.  

And speaking of cruises, I hate to admit that as I get older (and older, and older) time seems to pass much too quickly. It seems like just a couple of months ago we were in Houston getting ready to board the cruise ship for our 2008 Reunion and here we are almost getting ready to pack for Reno. Is it my imagination or did seven months, including the holidays, go by that quickly?

It looks like we will have a pretty good turn out for the Reno event. Steve should be publishing a list of the "certain", "maybe", and "can't make it this year" folks in this newsletter. For those of you who are certain and maybe I look forward to seeing all of you again and sharing/creating good times. For those who can't make it this year I hope we have the opportunity to get together in the near future.

Steve and I gave some very serious though to picking out the best accommodations, tours, and dining venues. We realize that for many of our members the annual reunion is their annual vacation. With that in mind we always look to get the best "bang for our member's buck" when we negotiate room rates and other items that are traditional events for out gathering. And this year we were even more stringent in our discussions with the various hotels as we knew that all of our members would be impacted by the tight economic conditions the country is going through. In the end I think we came out pretty good as you will see by the costs associated with this year's reunion.

I thought I would share an interesting observation with you here. When we first started the Brooke website in 2003 it was just a little "garage project" of mine to try and find other Brooke crewmembers. I call it that because it was a small site associated with my cable carrier, Cox Communications. I didn't have a lot of "space" on the server so I was limited in the amount of data I could upload to the site. After we formalized the Association in 2003 we invested in a web hosting company that would increase the size of our site and give us the name (for a fee of course) of "". When I say "invested" I mean we pay around $200 a year to keep our site and since I work real cheap, the webmaster fee is zilch. In 2005 I added a "hit counter" to the site as I was curious as to how many folks out there would take an interest in Brooke. In the first couple of years after the counter was inserted we had under a 1000 hits. Well, here it is, early 2009 and I happened to notice that the hit counter passed 10,000 recently. Now that is a whole heck of a lot of folks looking at our site. Indeed, we have increased our membership and mailing list significantly as a direct result of folks finding us on the web. I honestly believe that if it were not for the internet that we would not have the success that we have today as an Association.

OK, enough of the "geek" talk. Let’s look forward to having the opportunity to see our shipmates and friends in Reno. Let’s look forward to our country moving forward and getting out of this economic morass we are in. Let’s look forward to another day above ground and just enjoying our families and life in general. When my young Marines ask me in the morning, "How you doing sir (Marines are big on the "sir" part)?”, I always respond, "Vertical, so it's going to be a good day". Stay vertical my friends.

Fair Winds And Following Seas,

Tom Adametz

President, USS Brooke DEG-1/FFG-1 Association


Word to the Wives

By Linda Hunt  

Well, it’s “Countdown to Reno” time! If you’ve never been there before, Steve has some good things lined up for us (as usual). The Silver Legacy is a really great hotel with an hourly sky show that’s worth seeing (free) and a Sunday Brunch that has to be one of the best in the country!

And, if you’ve never been to a Basque restaurant before, you’re REALLY in for a treat.  At Louie’s everything is served “family style” and if you don’t get enough to eat, (especially with two entrees and lots of sides and dessert) you just weren’t trying…..

I’ve been to Reno several times, but have never taken the time to do a Tahoe cruise before, so that’s another thing to look forward to. It should be beautiful! I’m really looking forward to seeing all of our “regulars” and also to making many more new friends!

See you in Reno!

Linda Hunt


An Evening at Louis’




  August 26th,

  6 pm

“A short walk just

East of Silver Legacy”





Paddle Wheeler &

Lunch Cruise on

MS Dixie II 

There is no better way to enjoy the amazing clear blue water of Lake Tahoe and the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains than on the water itself.   From the decks of Lake Tahoe’s favorite Paddle wheeler, you will cruise along Tahoe’s south shore to the famed Emerald Bay. 

On the cruise your guide will be sure to fill you in on the history of Lake Tahoe and how it was formed, who were the first inhabitants and how it became the bustling tourist area that it is today.  Along with the cruise is the narrated tour “The Sunken Treasures of Lake Tahoe.” Follow along as you watch the Lake’s underwater canyons and beautiful colorful formations through the glass window on the bottom of the boat.  To top off the cruise, a delicious lunch will be served!

Luncheon Cruise Includes:

·         2 hour cruise plus transfer time

·         Tour Guide

·         Lunch on the Paddle wheeler

·         Dessert & Coffee

·         Paddlewheel Cruise Admission

·         All Taxes and Gratuities


 Virginia City

Relieve the Comstock Era – A Day in Virginia City 

Virginia City once concealed treasures of great wealth that held the attention of the world for half a century,  pouring over $400,000,000.00 in silver and gold into the economy of our expanding nation. Little has changed in Virginia City since the booming days of 100 years ago.  Let your guide reveal how this boomtown came to be the richest settlement between Denver and San Francisco and learn how the grubby prospectors became instant millionaires who built mansions and financed the Civil War. Throughout the day, your guide will share with you the many stories and legends of Virginia City.You can stroll through the stately mansions, through an underground mine and walk through the many lively saloons. 

Your group will have some time to themselves to browse through the unique silver shops, ice cream parlors, western wear stores and museums & churches that will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time.

Virginia City Tour Includes:

·         5 hour tour from Reno’s Silver Legacy

·         Entrance to the Way It Was Museum or a Mine Tour

·         Round Trip Ticket on the V&T Railroad

·         Tour Guide

·         Bottled water and snack

·         All Taxes and gratuities

·         Lunch on own in Virginia City

Reunion Registration - Tours & Events information provided in June Newsletter



Silver Legacy


The Silver Legacy is completely connected to two other beautiful resorts – the Eldorado Hotel/Casino and Circus-Reno. The Tri-property Resorts are the only Reno Hotels with such a wide array of entertainment choices both on property, and within walking distance of the hotel. The Silver Legacy, Eldorado Hotel/Casino and Circus Circus adjoin by spacious skywalks, lined with restaurants and shops, providing easy access within this six-block entertainment complex! Within the combined Tri-property and all under one roof, are:

·         28 outstanding restaurant choices, ranging from sushi to award-winning steakhouses, dance clubs and ultra lounges with live entertainment.

·         Extensive shopping and entertainment options, including a 500 seat showroom, 200 seat Comedy Club and consistent concerts throughout the year

·         Spa and Health Club

·         Business Center

·         Lulu’s a full service hair salon

·         24 hour room service

Downtown Arts District and within walking dist.:

·         Downtown River Walk

·         Kayak Park on River

·         Century Theater C’Plex

·         Nev. Mus. Of Art

·         Nat. Auto Museum/ The Harrah Collection

·         And Much More!!!

Special Brooke Rate!


Monday – Thursday

$99 Fri. & Sat.


Deluxe Room

Deluxe Spa Suite:


Superior Suite:


The above rates apply to rooms booked under the USSBRK group code and apply two days prior and two days after the reunion dates.

Rates quoted are for single/double occupancy. Each additional person is $10 per room, per night plus tax. Maximum 4 people per room.

Rates do not include 13.5% room tax and $3.00 per room, per night resort tax. Free airport shuttle 19 hrs. daily and free valet and self- parking.


Reservations are now accepted.

Phone Group reservations at


Be sure to request your

 group code:


To receive our special rate

 Cutoff Date

Special rates are effective until 21 days before reunion,

(or August 5th, 2009).

Reservations received after that date will be accepted on a space and rate availability basis.



Check-in time is 3 pm. Check- out time is 11am. If rooms are requested prior to check-in time, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests or store your luggage until rooms are available.


The Silver Legacy allows individual attendees the right to cancel their reservations without penalty up to 24 hours prior to your arrival date.



We’re Going

To Reno!

   The following crewmembers returned the Questionnaire and intend to attend our 2009 Reunion in Reno:

Name and  No. of Attendees

    Hunt, Steve                   2

    Secrest, Del                  2

    Schultz, Leroy              2

    Turner, Del                   2

    Luax, George                2

    Hanna, Jimmy               2

    Desch, Kaye                 1

    Hunt, Pico                     2

    Adametz, Tom              2

    Morrow, Billy               2

    Whitaker, Larry             2

    Gale, Dennis                  2

    Elliott, “Stick”               1

    Apter, Marc                   1

    Durniak, Dan                 1

    Precie, Anthony             4

    Newmann, Gunther        2

    Youngren, Scott             2

    Rattigan,  James             2

    Wasielewski, R.             2

    Garoutte. Mike               2

    Howery, Leo                  2

    Atwood, Dusty               2

    Hamling, Jerry                2

    Boston, Ben                    2

    McNamara, T.C.            3


    Total to Date:                51

NOTE: Thank you all for returning the questionnaire. It really helps to plan future reunions.  Looks like Colorado Springs and San Diego were the most popular picks, with Chicago and Jacksonville next.

The Wannabe’s

Are/maybe Coming!

Well, at least, Gosh-darn it, we’re really gonna try hard to show up….cause we wannabe part of it!!

Limbaugh, John             2

Ulmer, Bill                     2

Shumlas, John                1

Fine, Monty                    1

Moflar, Mike                  2

Columbo, George           2

Chapman, Forrest           2

Wolfe, Terry                   2

Clayton, Ken                  2

Carroll, Dan                    2

Dorow, Bill                     1

McClain, John                 2

Schinn, Duane                 2

Shuttleworth, Gene          2

Jones, Elmer                    2

Dawson, Dale                  2

Herron, Joe                      2

Eisele, Newell                  1

Limbaugh, Rush              2

Rove, Karl                       4

Palin, Sarah                     4

Hamill, Dorthy                2

Cruise, Thomas               2

Straight, George              2

Ingram, Laura                  2

Sullenburger, “Sully”       2

Hannity, Sean                  2

Boitano, Brian                  2

Winfrey, Oprah                2

Total                              34


Crew Members Dropped

The Following 38 Brooke crew-members have fallen off the radar…that is, they have NOT returned the FREE postage-paid post card and/or NOT attended a reunion and/or NOT ever became a Brooke Association Member. Therefore, unless I am contacted, and to save future postage, handling and printing of our newsletter, you guys  have just received your  last issue due to your lack of interest.

Clifford Apple

L.P. Andrada

John Baadte

Howard Burgett

E.J. Bromely, Jr.

Cliff Bynum

A B. Duenas

Jamie Esmele

William Farmer

Larry Foster

Red Greybeck

Bill Hancock

Jeff Harvey

J.G. Hines

Frank Hixon

Larry Kelly

Jerry Knight

Gerald  Lewis

Robert Little

VAdm. W.  McCauley

Ed Nugent

Myrom Peebles

Wayne Post

Kevin Ryon

Robert Sopha

Jeff Vasbinder

Larry West

Rodney Winchell

Rick Woolever

RAdm. Guy Zeller

Joe Purvis

John Richard

Howard Rayburn

Gary Moore

Jeffrey Ferro

Thomas Langlois

Richard Shock

Duane Vastag

To continue your FREE subscription to the Port & Starboard Contact:

Steve Hunt, Secretary/Treasurer

(253) 491-7766 or e-mail @


WestPac ‘68

New Video!

Just Completed!

Filmed, produced, and donated to USS Brooke Association  By  FTG  Kaye Desch, Plankowner

               It’s Got It All!                


Gun & ASROC Shoots,

Towing exercise (or real tow?)

Road Runner & Pirate Flags,

Port Visits, AND….

Crossing the Equator Fun!

Now On DVD

  Only  $15.00 plus $4.95 shipping/postage

All Proceeds go to our Association

(DVD Duplicates supplied by Steve Hunt)


Make checks payable to:

Steve Hunt, USS Brooke Association

P.O. Box 1692           Tacoma, Wa.  98401





Regular Membership dues to the Association are $25 per year. Associate membership (no fee) is available for all surviving spouses of Brooke Crewmembers.

Your current membership expiration date is to the right of your name on the address label on the newsletter. To continue "Port & Starboard" please remit your dues payment in accordance with published dues schedule, payable to the USS Brooke Association and mail to our Treasurer at the address below:

Steve Hunt

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Tacoma, WA 98401


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