South San Francisco Reunion on Schedule


   San Francisco may prove to be our biggest reunion yet.  Already, 3 months away, we’ve reached about 75% of our contracted total number of rooms.  Hopefully I can add additional rooms at our special $99 rate.

   Our deadline for all reservations at this rate is July 25th,  so, if you haven’t reserved your hotel room by then, you may have to pay the “stragglers” rate if you’re planning to attend.  The Hotel info is on Page 2.  If you call and the reservations desk says we’re full, then you need to dial direct to the hotel sales dept. and talk to Ronnie.  His number is 1-650-373-2254.  He has promised to help us with any room problems.

   This reunion, our hospitality room is in the “Presidential Suite” on the top floor of the hotel.  Having our hospitality room in a suite has several advantages  compared to a ground floor space.   We have our own bar and refer, plus we can supply our own refreshments without breaking any laws or rules.  In addition, during our “Pizza Night” (which was a huge success in Charleston) we’ll also have our traditional cake-cutting ceremony.  Leftovers will be available ’til exhausted.

  Usually we have to negotiate with the hotel on these items, as most hotels won’t allow outside food and beverages brought in to their hospitality rooms.  Suites and rooms have different rules.

   Our events finally came together this week. This was the info that delayed our newsletter for a week.  The event schedule is on Page 5.  As you’ll see, we’ll be pretty busy on Thursday and Friday, during the day, with the tours, but we’ll have some free time, mainly Friday evening and Sat. after the business meeting and before the banquet.  Friday evening can be spent having dinner at the hotel, relaxing in the hospitality room or hop-ping a free trolley to Burlingame for dinner and/or shopping.

   Since we have to purchase the Alcatraz tickets separately, I thought I would offer the Thursday tour with or without Alcatraz.  If you haven’t seen it then it’s a must.  If you have been here, it’s still  interesting enough to see it again.  Since it might be  raining and cold, bring a jacket as insurance.

   The stop in Chinatown will be about 3 hours.  Enough time for lots of shopping and a great lunch at the restaurant of your choice.  The CVB’s of San Mateo and San Francisco will be providing plenty of info and brochures for our “Welcome Aboard” package, so you’ll have the opportunity to choose a restaurant at Pier 39, and in Chinatown, prior to departing the hotel.

   That’s about all for now.  Keep those hotel reservations coming in and if you have any problems call the hotel direct and talk to Ronnie in Sales.  As for our tours, etc.—please send in the Reunion Registration form on page 4 with your check as soon as possible.  Our deadline for everything is July 25th, so mark your calendars.  The people in San Francisco don’t appear to be as flexible as those at past reunions.  It might be a problem adding any 11th hour attendees.

   A few more notes before I sign off….

   Welcome Aboard to Kirk Evans, our 96th member!  Kirk was a Ltjg aboard the Brooke in 1967-68, and retired a Capt. In 1996.  Also, I received a treasure trove of Brooke news articles from Terry Wolfe, who was PIO at the commissioning.  It’ll be on display at all future reunions.  Thanks Terry, for thinking of us.

Hope to see you all in’Frisco!



5th Annual

USS Brooke Reunion

San Francisco

August 29 – Sept. 1, 2007

DoubleTree Hotel - San Francisco Airport

835 Airport Blvd. –


Room Rates: $99.00  Single or Dbl. + Taxes


Note: Rates are honored 3 days prior and 3 days after the reunion.

So, come early and stay late at the same low price.

 However, these additional rooms are LIMITED so make your reservations now!


For Reservations:   1-800-222-TREE (8733)

Make your reservations TODAY!


Planned events:

See "South San Francisco Event Schedule" in this newsletter



    Greetings to all and I hope the start of the summer season brings to all of you the excitement of vacations, warm weather, family picnics and all of those events we associate with the summer. Having lived most of my life in Southern California, I have come to appreciate “good weather” and try to take advantage of it whenever I can. And with good fortune we will experience the fine weather in San Francisco this year for our annual reunion.

        As we approach the time of our annual gathering of Brooke shipmates the planning continues as we attempt to make this the best reunion of all. Each year we endeavor to put together a list of events that appeal to all our attending shipmates and their families and this year is no exception. I know that Steve Hunt has been hard at work putting together tours of many of the high points of the San Francisco area including Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39, Alcatraz Island, China Town, and Oakland’s Jack London Square. And while you will not be limited to these events, there are many, many more things to see and do while you are visiting the “City by the Bay”. Between our newsletters and e-mailings we will keep you informed as to all of the things we have planned.

        I happened to catch an article in Shift Colors (the newsletter for Navy retirees) written by Mr. Bill Minor. Mr. Minor served aboard the Stephen Potter DD538 during WWII. Mr. Minor’s article dealt with a recent reunion of the Stephen Potter Association that was recently held in San Francisco. I was a very heart warming article talking about shipmates and adventures from more than 63 years ago and the good times that were had at the reunion. And while I enjoyed noting the ages of the attendees, ranging from a kid of 85 to the oldest salt at 92, what caught my eye was a comment that Mr. Minor put at the end of the article. He stated that, “Living together in close quarters of a small ship for days and weeks on end, many times waiting anxiously at general quarters for a fate unknown, brought a kinship among us young men that has endured the rest of our lives.” If that does not represent who and what we are as the Brooke Association then nothing does. And while we were fortunate enough to not have experienced WWII, we had our own trials and tribulations that brought us all closer together as shipmates. Those who have never experienced “shipboard life” could never understand this point. For me, seeing my shipmates from four decades ago is a very special time because only they understand what “being a sailor” means. May Mr. Minor live to make many more reunions of the Stephen Potter Association.

      May you all stay healthy and well and I hope to see many of you in San Francisco at the end of August.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

 Tom Adametz


USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1 Association






USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

South San Francisco/San Mateo - Registration

August 29 – September 2, 2007


Name_______________________________                      _____________________________

 Spouse and/or                                                                    Name for Badge

    Guest Name _______________________                      _____________________________

                                                                                             Name for Badge




Room(s) reserved at DoubleTree Hotel?  Yes or No____________

Arrival Date:__________Time__________     Departure Date:_______Time:____________


SPECIAL NOTE: Do you have any special needs concerning Transportation, Hotel or Dietary requirements? [ ] Yes  [ ] No

_IF YES:__________________________________________________________________________________________________


[ ] Please reserve_______seats for “Welcome Aboard” Party.

          Wednesday 1800 to 2200 in our Hospitality Room.   Beverages & Light snacks.

 [ ] Please reserve_______seats  San Francisco tour and Alcatraz     @$67 ea. ____________

[ ] Please reserve_______seats for San Francisco tour only               @$45 ea.____________

           (Those who choose the S.F. Tour only will have additional shopping time @ Pier 39)

        Shop and have lunch on your own at Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf.                       Includes all Bus Tour Charges.

          Thursday 0900 to 1600                   7 hours.                      And requested Alcatraz tickets

 [ ] Please reserve________seats for Pizza Night!                   Hosted by USS Brooke

          Thursday 1830 to 2000 in our Hospitality Room            Assoc. members

 [ ] Please reserve _______seats  USS Potomac tour, Harbor Cruise  @48.00 ea.__________

           and Chinatown lunch on your own and walking tour   Includes Potomac admission, Harbor                

          Friday 0900 to 1600                          7 hours.                        Cruise and all Bus Tour Charges.

[ ] Please reserve_______seats for the Saturday Night Banquet       @ $49 ea.  ___________

              THREE ENTRÉE Bayside American Buffet  with all the trimmings!                     (Includes 20% Serv.

               Includes New York Strip, Grilled Breast of Chicken and Petrale Sole plus            Chg.and 10% tax.)

               3 salads, Scalloped potatoes, rice pilaf, vegetables and Gourmet desserts.


                                     Reunion Registration Fee______person(s)     @ $20 ea. ___________


                TOTAL OF ALL EVENTS AND REGISTRATION FEES            _____________


To help your reunion hosts plan our reunion, please check off the events you wish to attend

and send this form along with your reunion total as soon as possible.     Deadline is Wed. July 25th.


USS Brooke Assoc./Steve Hunt P.O. Box 1692 Tacoma, Wa.  98401

More details/Questions Call Steve @253-471-7766 (day) e-mail:


USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

South San Francisco Event Schedule

August 29th  – September 2nd, 2007


August 29th   – Wednesday

           Hospitality Room Opens 1200

           Welcome Aboard Registration – Pick up Reunion Pkg./Refreshments!

           Ship’s Store Open

           “Welcome Aboard” Party 1800 to 2200

August 30th   – Thursday

           Buffet breakfast begins at 0630

           Hospitality room open 0800 to 0845 and 1800 to 2200.

           Alcatraz  and city bus tour from 0900 to 1600

           Shop and have lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf today.

           Board buses at 0900 sharp.         7 hours.

           Pizza night in the Hospitality room!  Begins @ 1830

August 31st  – Friday

           Buffet breakfast begins at 0630

           Hospitality Room open 0800 to 0845 and 1600 to 2200.

           Board buses for USS Potomac, Chinatown and Harbor Cruise tours.

           0900 to 1600.    7 hours.    Free evening to have dinner at the hotel,

           take the FREE Burlingame trolley downtown, or take BART to downtown San

           Francisco, or just hang out in the Hospitality room with shipmates.

 September 1st   – Saturday

           Buffet breakfast begins at 0630

           Hospitality Room opens 0800 – Annual Business Meeting 0800 – 1000

           Coffee, juice and pastries served.

            Free time to visit Burlingame and shop, or take BART to downtown S.F. to

            see the sights you missed on Thursday and Friday. 

            Hospitality will be open most of the day….as needed.

           Saturday night Banquet /Social at 1800. Dinner at 1900 – 2100      

           Entertainment TBA

 September 2nd   – Sunday

           Buffet breakfast begins at 0630

           Hospitality Room opens 0800 – 1200.  Coffee and leftovers will be served.

           Memorial Service  at 1000 for our departed shipmates.



Attention All Brooke Crewmembers:

Did you know that San Mateo County is home to:

A collection of historical, educational and technological resources for the purpose of advancing air transportation serving a growing, interdependent world population

Historical foundations for the aviation development process of unfolding lessons of the past century and linkages to the next hundreds years of transportation

Overseeing one of the largest and most significant collections of historical military vehicles in the world

Acquire, restore and interpret the historical significance of the 20th and 21st Century military vehicles

Domestic and foreign tank, armored cars, self-propelled artillery are the focus to the collection

An extensive technical library that describes many vehicles down to the part level

WW II era submarine - USS Pampanito SS-383 and others on display to the public



For more information on San Mateo County including, climate, attractions, proximity to downtown San Francisco, major and nearby attractions, visit:



The USS Potomac was built in 1934 as the Coast Guard cutter Electra. The 165-foot vessel, weighing 376 gross tons and cruising at speeds of 10 to 13 knots, was commissioned as a U.S. Navy vessel in 1936, renamed the USS Potomac, and served as Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidential yacht until his death in 1945. As former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, FDR had a deep love of the sea and the Navy tradition. He hated to fly and preferred to travel by train or ship throughout his presidency.

During the sultry summer days in Washington, D.C., he preferred to cruise on the USS Potomac rather than stay in the White House. The USS Potomac gave the nation’s 32nd president much-needed respite from the cares of governing the United States throughout the Great Depression and World War II. He loved holding informal strategy sessions with close advisors and Congressional leaders in the privacy and seclusion of the yacht. Recreation aboard the vessel included fishing, poker games and family gatherings, and he spent endless hours on board with his beloved stamp collection.


A paraplegic since he was stricken in 1921 with polio at the age of 39, FDR’s greatest fear was being caught in a fire and being unable to escape. He therefore preferred the USS Potomac, an all steel vessel, to the all-wood Sequoia after his inauguration. A hand-operated elevator was installed inside a false stack, and the president – who had developed an extremely strong upper body – was able to use ropes and pulleys to move the elevator up and down between the saloon and upper boat deck.

There are a few records of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt coming aboard her husband’s "Floating White House." In 1941, she celebrated her 57th birthday with family members aboard the USS Potomac. She also came aboard during the June 1939 visit by the United Kingdom’s King George VI and Queen Elizabeth when the two couples cruised to George Washington’s home at Mt. Vernon. Other royalty to board the presidential yacht included Crown Princess Martha of Norway, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Crown Prince Gustav of Sweden.

At least one of FDR’s famed radio broadcasts originated from the USS Potomac, on March 19, 1941.

On Monday, August 4, 1941, four months before Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, FDR boarded the USS Potomac ostensibly for a fishing trip and a visit to Martha’s Vineyard. The President, however, was secretly transferred to the heavy cruiser USS Augusta on Tuesday morning the 5th to travel to Newfoundland where he would meet with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill – their first meeting as Heads of State. During this top-secret rendezvous, the two world leaders forged the principles of the Atlantic Charter, which formed the Allied partnership during World War II and what Roosevelt called the "United Nations", to plan the post-war peace. With the United States’ direct involvement in the war at the end of 1941, the president’s recreational use of the USS Potomac came to an end.

After FDR’s death in April 1945, the Potomac began a long and ignominious decline from her former role in world affairs. After many adventures and many owners – including Elvis Presley at one point – she was seized in 1980 in San Francisco by U.S. Customs for her role as a front for drug smugglers. Towed to Treasure Island, the proud vessel’s hull was pierced one night and she sank.

Refloated by the Navy two weeks later, she was sold to the Port of Oakland for just $15,000. The Port of Oakland spearheaded a cooperative effort with organized labor, maritime corporations and dedicated volunteers to complete a $5 million restoration.




Regular Membership dues to the Association are $25 per year. Associate membership (no fee) is available for all surviving spouses of Brooke Crewmembers.

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