Charleston Reunion Well Underway!

Charleston is now just around the corner and the reservations are finally coming in.  We should have a pretty good turnout this year.  Maybe we’ll even surpass last year!  At the very least, we’ll beat New Orleans banquet attendance:  By the time the Saturday night banquet arrived, almost half our group had departed.  What I want to know is WHAT HAPPENED to all that great chow we paid for???  It sure didn’t show up after Katrina hit!  We were feasting on Special K and warm orange juice at the end.  Of course, I’m not really complaining about the food we received, as there were many, many others who received nothing for several days.  It was just an observation that there were about 35 gourmet meals (which we paid for) that were not consumed or accounted for.

Moving on…

   A note about the Charleston Hotel reservations:  We’ll need to have an accurate count by September 15.  That’s our cut-off date for our special rate and then the hotel will take back any rooms which we have not reserved.  Any reservations after that will be at the regular rate.  So give the hotel a call ASAP and receive our special rate of $89 per night. 

   On page 7, you’ll find  the list of attendees of past reunions which will give you a pretty good idea of who might attend Charleston. I’ll run the entire list, included those shipmates who have passed on since our 2003 reunion.

   At one point, we considered having a reunion every other year, but enough crewmembers were against it that we’ll continue our current schedule with some minor changes. The next reunion might be a “cruise reunion” which, dollar-for-dollar, is really a great deal! We may not have the turnout we have had on dry land, but  the cruise may keep our annual reunions alive and the newsletters published on a regular basis.  Often, when an Association only runs every other year, interest wanes and eventually the Association is no more.  We do not want that to happen!   However, the reunions are a lot of work (and prior reunion out-of-pocket expenses), so the Cruise is a great option, as the Cruise Line sets up ALL the tours and banquets.  I’ll have more on this in the next newsletter.

   I have just returned from another ConFam (military Reunion Planners Conference/Familiarization) in South San Francisco.  I had a great time and found that a reunion in the S.F. area might be a good choice.  Most reunion-friendly hotels are located near a BART station. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) can deliver you to downtown SF in a matter of minutes.  From there you can hop a cable car to the wharf or walk to China Town.  You can also ride BART to Oakland and visit Jack London Square, where the USS Potomac is docked  (the Potomac was FDR’s Floating White House). Anyway, there’s lots to do there and we’ll probably have to consider S.F. as a West-Coast destination.

   Well, I guess that’s about the latest news since our last Port & Starboard.

We do have a few new members, plus many of our current members have renewed their membership with no prompting.  Your membership expiration date is on your mailing label.  Thanks to everyone who has sent in your renewal!  The money really helps us continue the Association and enables us to publish and mail the Port & Starboard in a timely manner.  I really do appreciate those who have sent in their renewal voluntarily.  I haven’t had to send out “renewal notices” yet. We’ve had just enough renewals to make up the short-fall on those who do not renew.  Hopefully, this trend will continue and keep us in the black.  So far, everyone receives a P&S, whether you join or renew as a Brooke-Association member.   If there are any former crewmembers out there who are currently receiving, but DO NOT wish to receive, our newsletter, please give me a call or e-mail me and let me know. Printing and postage rates go up every year. Our dues do not.

   In closing, as everyone knows, dues are not required after the initial application, but are really appreciated.

“Once a Brooke-Association member, Always a Brooke Association-Member”.

See you in Charleston!


Your Secretary/Treasurer



As I write this it is June 6, 2006. For many of the younger folks the day has no special significance. But for those of us who are the children of the “Greatest Generation”, June 6th represents so much more. For it was on this date, 62 years ago, that Allied Forces stormed ashore at Normandy. We who are from the “Baby Boomer” generation more than likely knew someone who was involved in that operation. It could have been our father, uncle, or family friend. And while they never really talked about the landing, you somehow knew they had experienced the horror, courage, and valor of that day.

In my case, it was my father-in-law, Marvin Krieger, Col. USA Ret., who as a young infantry platoon commander, survived a glider landing (crash) in the early hours of the invasion. As for my own father, he came in via Anzio. Marv Krieger was typical of the men who participated in D-Day in that he never talked about it. It wasn’t until his passing in 1999 that the family found out he had been awarded a Bronze Star on that day. And while I visit his final resting place often it is on each June 6th that I place a flag on his headstone and render a salute.

And while this column is not intended to be a family reminiscence I only think it right to remember Marvin Krieger and all the men like him. Remember them for their courage and sacrifices that allow all of us to take a “free breath” each day.

As we move closer to our annual reunion in Charleston I can’t help but making some comparisons between the generations. After all, in a few years we will be the “senior generation afloat” and hopefully the youngsters (who already think we are older than dirt) will view us with the same respect that we give our parents generation. It is funny how, as we get older, we come to realize what the “older folks” did to give us what we have today.

Speaking for myself, I receive a great deal of comfort in talking with my shipmates from the past. During those times we spend together at our reunions I find a sense of validation for my life. It is comforting to know that the decisions made as a young man bore fruit in later years.

OK, enough of the philosophizing. What do we have planned for Charleston? As with our past reunions, this one has a little something for everyone. If you are a history buff Charleston offers a bounty of historical sites. From tours of Ft. Sumter, Patriot’s Point, and the City of Charleston, to a wonderful selection of foods. And of course, our Saturday night banquet with entertainment. We hope that the choice of Charleston will make attending easier for our East coast shipmates and we look forward to seeing some new faces (along with the usual suspects) this year.

So if you are planning to attend, make your hotel reservations early (you can always cancel of unforeseen events arise). I look forward to seeing you in Charleston in October.


Fair Winds and Following Seas,


Tom Adametz


USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1 Association




USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

Charleston, S.C. - Registration

October 25-29, 2006


Name_______________________________     _____________________________

Spouse and/or                                                                   Name for Badge                                                             Guest Name _______________________         _____________________________

                                                                                           Name for Badge




Room(s) reserved at Radisson Hotel?  Yes or No____________

Arrival Date:__________Time__________     Departure Date:_______Time:____________


[ ] Please reserve_______seats for “Welcome Aboard” Party hosted by Radisson Hotel!

          Wednesday 1800 to 2000 in our Hospitality Room. Beer/Wine & Light snacks.


[ ] Please reserve_______seats  Ft. Sumter and city tour                  @$51 ea. ____________

           Shop and have lunch in Historic Charleston after Ft. Sumter Tour. Includes all Bus Tour Charges.

          Thursday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm                   7 hours.

[ ] Please reserve_______seats for Pizza Night!                  Pizza included with registration

          Thursday 1800 – 2000 in our Hospitality Room


[ ] Please reserve _______seats  Patriots Point  with lunch                @$44 ea. ___________

          aboard the Yorktown in CPO Mess                      Includes all Bus Tour Charges.

          Friday 9 am to 2 pm                                  5 hours.


[ ] Please reserve _______seats on Bus Tour of Historic Charleston @$28ea. ___________

               Shopping and lunch (not incl) around the Old City Market              Includes all Bus Tour Charges.

               Saturday 10:30 to 4:30                             6 hours


[ ] Please reserve_______seats for the Saturday Night Banquet        @$39 ea.  ___________

              THREE ENTRÉE Southern BUFFET with all the trimmings!          Includes entertainment tba.


                                     Reunion Registration Fee______person(s)     @ $20 ea. __________


                       TOTAL ALL EVENTS AND REGISTRATION FEES            _____________


To help your reunion hosts plan our reunion, please check off the events

and send this form along with your reunion total as soon as possible


USS Brooke Assoc./Steve Hunt P.O. Box 1692 Tacoma, Wa.  98401

More details/Questions Call Steve @253-471-7766 (day) e-mail:



USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

Charleston Event Schedule

October 25 – 29, 2006


October 25th  – Wednesday

           Hospitality Room Opens 1200

           Welcome Aboard Registration – Pick up Reunion Pkg./Refreshments!

           Ship’s Store Open

           Radisson Hotel hosting a “Welcome Aboard” Party 1800 to 2000

October 26th  – Thursday

           Buffet breakfast begins at 0600

           Ft. Sumter and city tour from 8:30 to 3:30

           Shop and have lunch in Historic Charleston today.

           Board buses at 8:15 sharp.         7 hours.

           Pizza night in the Hospitality room!  Begins @ 1800.

October 27th – Friday

           Buffet breakfast begins at 0600

           Hospitality Room opens 0800

           Patriots Point with lunch aboard the USS Yorktown in the CPO Mess.

           0900 to 1400.    5 hours.    Free evening to have dinner at the hotel,

           take the hotel shuttle downtown (at a very minimum cost) or just fast

           food fare from nearby establishments. (within walking distance).

October 28th  – Saturday

           Hospitality Room opens 0800 – Annual Business Meeting 0800 – 1000

           Coffee, juice and pastries served.

           Guided Bus Tour of Historic Charleston and lunch on your own at the

           Old City Market downtown.

           Tour is from 1030 to 1630    6 hours.

           Saturday night Banquet /Social at 1800 Dinner at 1900 – 2100      

           Entertainment TBA

October 29th  – Sunday

           Hospitality Room opens 0800 – 1200

           Memorial Service  at 1000 for our departed shipmates.



USS Brooke Reunion

Charleston, S.C.

October 25th – 29th, 2006


Radisson Hotel

Room Rates: $89 Single or Dbl. + Taxes

Note: Rates are honored 2 days prior and 2 days after the reunion.

So, come early and stay late!  Hotel rates will NEVER be BETTER!

Hotel has recently been renovated and ALL rooms have “Sleep-number” beds!


For Reservations:

Call hotel direct at 1-843-744-2501 or

 Radisson central at 1-800-333-3333

Space is limited…

Make your reservation TODAY!


Planned events:

Patriot’s Point Tour with

Lunch aboard the USS Yorktown In the CPO Mess

Ship’s visits: Destroyer, CG Cutter, Submarine


Ft. Sumter Tour

Where the Civil War Started!


Guided Bus Tour through Historic Charleston

 And shopping at the Old City Market


Possible tours to Confederate Sub “The Hunley”,

Ft. Moultrie and/or the City Aquarium


Reunion Tours:



Tour Patriots Point, the world’s largest naval and maritime museum. Visit the Aircraft Carrier YORKTOWN, the Fighting Lady of World War  II; the destroyer LAFFEY, a participant in the World War II D-Day Landings at Normandy;

The Submarine, GLAMAGORE, one of the Navy’s last diesel-powered submarines; and the Coast Guard Cutter, INGHAM,

Which was in active service until decommissioned and given to Patriots Point in 1989.  Enjoy a traditional hot lunch in the

CPO Mess.  Yep!  Lunch is even served on those old metal trays!  ***



Tour Charleston, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the South.  Her stately homes with their lovely gardens, her

Magnificent public buildings and her majestic churches will enchant you.  As you tour you will see the College of Charleston,

Harleston Village (one of the early suburbs of the city), the Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, and of course

Our famous Battery with its elegant town houses built by planters and merchants in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Spend some

Time shopping and browsing in the Old City Market and have lunch on your own at one of our fine restaurants. ***



As you cruise through Charleston’s beautiful harbor, you will view the beautiful homes along the Bartery, and watch the Sea

gulls and the dolphins play in the harbor.  Upon arrival at Fort Sumter, where the Civil War began, rangers from the National 

       Park Service will give you an informative introduction before you tour this famous bastion and its marvelous museum. ***



On February 17, 1864, the Confederate submarine, the Hunley, successfully sank the USS Housatonic in Charleston harbor

By ramming her with a spar torpedo.  She was the first submarine to be used successfully in naval warfare.  Lost for 136 years after the momentous victory, the Hunley was successfully raised from the ocean floor in August of 2000.  Today, she and her crew have been successfully preserved in a special tank and are being studied by a renowned team of archeologists.

There are on-going discoveries being made about this amazing vessel and her crew.  Tour includes an expert guide.**



Begin your visit to Fort Moultrie by viewing the film that depicts the history of the fort.  After the film a guide will beive you a brief orientation to the fort, which began its life as a simple fort  built of Palmetto logs and sand from which Revolutionary soldiers under the leadership of Col. William Moultrie repulsed a British fleet on June 28th, 1776.  The fort remained active until 1947 and is one of the more interesting forts on the eastern seaboard. **


** Tours Possible if schedule allows (to be paid at reunion)    *** Tours on our present schedule


More Reunion/Hotel Information


Due to the success of a record  turnout at last year’s reunion…

Our reunion is again open to all crewmembers’ friends and relatives!

PLUS, we are hoping to integrate our reunion with ALL

“Brooke-Class” shipmates, beginning this year.









Seattle 2003

September 18-21


Hunt, Steve & Linda

Cook, Roy

Adametz, Tom & Harriet

Blackington, Richard & Laurie

Johnson, Bill

Shuttleworth, Gene & Linda

Beck, Joel and Buck Pointer

Limbaugh, John & Pam

Wasielewske, Bob & Betty

Bingel, John

Winchell, Rodney

Kalaf, Dave

Harvery, Jeff

Morrow, Billy & Kay

Schinn, Duane & Gloria

Veach, Bob & Michelle

Turner, Del & Yvonne

Wolfe, Terry  

Whitaker, Larry & Nancy

Wilkerson, Jerry

Shumlas, John

Hamling, Jerry & Estelle

Precie, Tony & Robin

Peebles, Myrom

Youngren, Scott


San Diego 2004

Sept.  15–19


Harris, Buddy & Julie

Blackington, Richard & Laurie

Columbo, George & Rebecca

Hanna, Jim & Betty

Durniak, Dan & Rita

Adametz, Tom & Harriet

Hunt, Steve & Linda

Youngren, Scott & Lynn

Turner, Del & Yvonne

Garoutte, Michael

Rattigan, Jim & Wendy

Hall, George & Wendy

Morrow, Billy & Kay

Bracamonte, Jose & Shirley

Kalaf, Dave

Secrest, Del & Dwyllis

Eley, Duane & Joanne

Wasielewske, Bob & Betty

Dunlap, Gene “Two-Speed”

Whitaker, Larry & Nancy

Schinn, Duane & Gloria

Shumlas, John

Walters, Jim & Carolyn

Vickers, Steve & Janet

Giblin, Rita

MacLaughlin, Patty


New Orleans


August 24-28


Harris, Buddy & Julie

Bracamonte, Jose & Shirley

Prisock, Jesse and Beth P.

Morrow, Billy & Kay

Shuttleworth, Gene & Linda

Lipham, Jerry & Mattie

Hanna, Jimmy & Betty

Kalaf, Dave and Phil Farris

Tzope, Ron & Mary

Hunt, Steve & Linda

Dorow, Bill and Ron Sizemore

Adametz, Tom & Harriet

Turner, Del & Yvonne

Strawbridge, Paul & Michelle

Neumann, Gunther

Vickers, Steve & Janet

Smith, Brian & Leslie

Hunt, Darryl and Ron Cox

Eisele, Newell

Wasielewski, Bob & Betty

Dawson, Alvin & Chris, + 3

Whitaker, Larry & Nancy

Harding, Terry & Joaanne +3

Beckius, Jerry & Sharon

Garoutte, Michael & Jody

Schinn, Duane & Gloria

Columbo, George

Precie, Tony & Robin

Morales, William & Helen



Reunion Lists:

The above reunion lists may not contain all attendees names.  Sorry if I have inadvertently left anyone out (mainly spouses).

The Seattle list only contained members’ names.  




   Word to the Wives

By Linda Hunt

   Hello everyone!  Won’t be too long ‘til we meet again.  I’d hate to see any of you miss out on Charleston, as it’s such a charming city, with a lot of history, and we have many great activities planned.  We also really miss you when you’re not there (and, maybe, talk about you,) so, self-defense dictates you should come!  We’ll have lots of tales from our New Orleans “adventure/reunion”.

   For those of you who’ve never been to Charleston before, it’s the chance of a lifetime to see it (Didn’t we say that about New Orleans?)

And, for those who have been there before, it’s a chance to re-visit favorite places or, maybe, discover a NEW favorite.  For those of you who live in or near the area, (Gunther Neumann!)  it’s a chance to show off your favorite spots.

   As a reminder, again this year, we are opening up the reunion to friends and relatives, so feel free to invite others you think would enjoy Charleston.  We have relatives and friends in N.C. & Florida who we hope will come. I know some will make it…Last year in New Orleans we had about a dozen family and friends who came.   This year we hope for more, and as they say….the more the merrier!

See Y’all soon!




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USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

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