Reunion Registration Ends Soon!



    The deadline for the New Orleans reunion is now upon us: July 25th for a room at the DoubleTree (if there are any left) and August 1st for your reunion registration and event choices. all deposits must be made and a head-count taken for all of our events, so please don't delay.

    We now have just over half the registrations and deposits in, which really helps to estimate the total attendees for the events. Special atta-boys for those who have already sent in their registrations! We now need to have he balanced received by the first week in August. Waiting until the last minute is not fair to your fellow shipmates or the vendors who have guaranteed so many customers at each event. If our attendees count is short, then we pay the difference. If it's a long count, then everyone wins! We can always add one or two more in the week before the reunion.

    Next item is our annual raffle: We have really appreciated all the items donated in past reunions and, again, any and all items will be appreciated for this year's raffle. The money raised has helped us to make up any short-falls or hospitality room refreshments, which we always need. the raffle also helps us make the deposits required for future reunions ($500.00 deposited with the DoubleTree last year) and pays for items such as Name Badges, Lanyards, reunion packages, etc., all necessary for a successful reunion. So please bring an item or two from your region of the world. It will be greatly appreciated and, thank you in advance!

    Backing up a little, I wanted to mention our room reservation status: We have a total of 37 rooms reserved for our peak nights of Friday and Saturday. The DoubleTree has allowed us up to 43 rooms but will take back any "unused" rooms on July 25th. We have only 6 left, as of last week, so if you were waiting until the very end to make your reservations, well, this is the very end. I hope we fill those last 6 rooms and everyone coning receives the special $89 rate which the hotel extended to us.

    Now a note about the weather: It might be hot and muggy during the reunion, but then again, it might not. The hottest time will probably be during the Swamp Tour. We do plan to provide plenty water in the hospitality room, which is where we will muster prior to each event.

    Fortunately, all other events are scheduled for morning or evening so it shouldn't be so bad, even for August. The afternoons can be spent in air-conditioned Museums, Malls or Harrah's Casino.

    Lastly, I talked with our first XO, Richard Blackington, this past week and he sends his regrets for this year's reunion. The XO indicated he was trying for a "replacement speaker" since he's unable to attend, and has asked Russ Anderson. Mr. Anderson is a plankowner and has the distinction of commanding his own DEG later in his Naval career. I hope he can schedule the time to attend our reunion. Many of our attendees are plankowners and served with or under Mr. Anderson. Sure brings back a lot of memories.....I, personally, hope he can make it!

    Guess that's a wrap. See you all (y'all) in the Big Easy next month.




As I write this it is Monday, July 4, 2005. What more appropriate a day than Independence Day to compose a column to all of you who have helped make our country the “beacon of independence” that it is.  For all of the parades, hot dogs and fireworks that will be enjoyed today, it is the loyalty, dedication and sacrifices that men such as yourselves made that make it all possible. And it is those same characteristics that are displayed by our young men and women in uniform today, wherever they are stationed, that will allow us and future generations of Americans to continue to enjoy the freedoms so dearly won. I know I don’t have to remind a group of veterans such as yourselves what this day means but I sincerely hope that those Americans who never wore a uniform of our Armed Services take a moment out from their festivities to look at our Flag and reflect on what it means and the sacrifices that were, and are being, made to allow it to fly so “Free”.                             

 It is hard to believe that almost two years have passed since the forming of our Association. During that period I have had the honor and privilege of serving as your President. Our Association, from a very modest beginning of a couple of dozen members, has grown past 70 members and our mailing list is approaching 150. The Association web site, which has been in existence for just over a year and a half, has had over 4000 “hits”. That means that there are a lot of folks out there that have an interest in Brooke. One of my goals when assuming the Presidency of our Association was to do everything possible to guide and increase our growth through the infancy of our organization. I am pleased to say that the “Brooke Association” is strong and growing stronger everyday.

Much of what has occurred over the past two years would have been impossible without the dedication and endless drive of our Association Secretary/Treasurer, Steve Hunt. I have had the privilege of calling him a friend and shipmate for over forty years and I truly believe that the success of our Association is a direct result of his hard work and determination. If you are going to New Orleans next month, take a moment to give Steve a pat on the back. He truly deserves it!

And speaking of the “Big Easy”, we are just over a month away from having what will, based on our “head count”, our biggest and best reunion to date! It looks like we will have in excess of 80 folks coming to town. Steve has informed me that all events are booked and on track for what promises to be a grand time for all. There is still a little time left (but not much) if you are on the fence about attending.

On a closing note, I will be in Kaoshiung, Taiwan (again!) a couple of weeks before the reunion. I plan on bringing back two bottles of “Chinese Firewater”, one for our annual reunion raffle, and one to break out and SIP!!! (The only way you can consume that paint thinner) with my shipmates during the course of our get together. Fair warning, this stuff will take the chrome off a bumper! Take care all………..

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Tom Adametz


USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1



The Following Crewmembers Have Indicated They Will attend The Reunion And Have Made Or Will Make Hotel Reservations:

Adametz, Tom - Hunt, Steve - Witt, Richard - Schinn, Duane - Hanna, Jimmy - Harris, Buddy - Shuttleworth, Gene

Turner, Del - Morrow, Billy - Kalaf, Dave - Hamling, Jerry (2 rooms) - Wasielewski, Robert - Precie, Tony (2 rooms)

Garoutte, Michael - Smithlin, Michael - Braccamonte, Jose - Beckius, Jerry - Columbo, George - Prisock, Jesse -

 Mezzacappa, Carmine - Newman, Gunther - Dawson, Dale (2 rooms) - Rattigan, Jim - Dorow, Bill

Tzope, Ron - Hunt, Darryl - Swistok, William - Harding, Terry - Smith, Brian - Alexander, Cameron -

Purvis, Joe - Bynum, Cliff - Vickers, Steve - Lipham, Gerald - Eisele, Newell - Strawbridge, Paul - Whitaker, Larry

Approx 80+ Attendees! If you have not made your hotel reservations, then please do so in the next few weeks to guarantee your special hotel rate of $89 per night!


Our "Wannabee" Reunion Attendees

Include those members not personally contacted due to:

(1) Not home and we left a message.

(2) Number changed and new number unknown.

(3) Unlisted number.

(4) We don't have your phone number on file.

Apple, Cliff - Apter, Mark - Anderson, Russ - Anamosa, Pat - Atwood, Dusty - Baadte, John

Banks, Gary - Bingel, John - Bjelland, B.J. - Barnet, Ted - Bartlett, George - Benson, Gary

Colburn, Gary - Crooks, Bob - DeCastro, Victor - Esmele, Jamie - Eley, Duane

Farmer, William - Foster, Larry - Franck, Gene - Greybeck, Red - Grimes, Frank - Grover, Stan - Hancock, Bill

- Harvey, Jeff - Hickenbottom, C.H. - Hines, J.G. - Hixon, Frank - Houlahan, James - Hunt, William - Johnson, Bill

Kelly, Larry - Kelly, Patrick - Knight, Jerry - Lewis, Gerald - Limbaugh, John - Looker, Jim - Loveless, Jerry

- Mahaffey, Michael - McClain, John - McLaughlin, Patty - Mercer, Douglas C. III - Newkirk, Donald -

Nugent, Ed - Peebles, Myrom - Pennington, Jesse - Pesta, Thomas - Sanders, Dennis - Sarfaty, Dennis - Schaler, Ken

Schultz, LeRoy - Scott, Rex - Shumlas, John - Sopha, Robert - Stewart, Lloyd - Tandang, Joel

Townsend, A.T. - Tremont, Frank - Ulmer, Bill - Velasco, Pete - Walters, Jim - Williams, Pharis

Williams, Wayne - Winchell, Rodney - Wilson, Ed - Whitaker, Larry - Wolfe, Terry - Woolever, Rick



USS Brooke Reunion

New Orleans

August 24th - 28th, 2005

DoubleTree Hotel

Room Rates: $89.00 Single or Dbl. + taxes

Note: Rates are honored 2 days prior and 2 days after reunion

So, come early and stay late! Hotel rates will NEVER be BETTER

For Reservations:

Call 1-800-967-6638 or 1-800-222 TREE (8733)

Space is limited......

Make your reservation TODAY!

Planned events:

Steamboat "Creole Queen"

Jazz/Dinner Cruise

D-Day Museum Tour

Cajun Swamp Tour

New Orleans School of Cooking

Court of Two Sisters

The DoubleTree Hotel is located in the HEART of New Orleans at the foot of Canal Street. The Riverfront Walk and Mall is next door (Plenty of walking and shopping). Harrah's Casino is right next door and the French Quarter is across the street. We believe it it the BEST location in New Orleans for our reunion!


Dinner Entrees

For DoubleTree Saturday Banquet

Please indicate your choice on the Registration Form

All dinners include

Salad, Soup, Two Fresh Vegetables,

Served with Potato, Rice or Pasta

All served with Hearth Baked French rolls and Butter

Choice of one Dessert, Coffee, Tea and Decaf

Dinner Choice #1

Louisiana Gulf Catch Lafitte

The Catch of the Day Sautéed and Topped In a Lemon Cream Sauce

With Lump Crabmeat

Served with Pasta

Dinner Choice #2

Tournedoes Merchand De Vin

Twin Beef Tenderloin Medallions

Broiled to Perfection on toasted French Bread Croutons,

Accompanied by a Savory Red Wine and Mushroom Sauce

Served with Potatoes

Dinner Choice #3

Chicken Lestat

Delicately Sautéed Breast of Chicken

Topped with Sauce Béarnaise,

Asparagus and Crabmeat

Served with Rice



"A Word to the Wives"

By Linda Hunt

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd take a minute to tell you about New Orleans.

    Steve and I consider it "our city", since our first visit there was on our honeymoon in 1971. We've returned every 10 years since then, as well as a visit in May of 2004, when we went down to set up the reunion. We got to be tour guides for Tom & Harriet Adametz and Jerry & Estelle Hamling. That was sure a lot of fun! We also went there for two days this last June so we could finalize some things for the reunion.

    Most of our time has been spent in the "French Quarter", but New Orleans has a lot to offer. We all did the Swamp Tour, which was really interesting and fun. Those swamp tour guides have to be crazy! (You'll find out why if you go). We also went on  a riverboat cruise and a good time was had by all! The D-Day Museum is a MUST for everyone, especially you military types.

    On our first visit, we did the Plantation Tour and it's something we've always wanted to do again....just never had the time. Also available are Cemetery tours, which we've never done but would like to sometime.

    You say you rather go shopping? No problem! In addition to the French Quarter there's the Garden District, Canal Place (just across the street) and the Riverwalk Mall just a short block away. Many other places are available through the Street Cars and Trolleys that run right in front of the hotel. for those with vehicles, there are also big shopping malls a short drive away.

    As for FOOD, New Orleans is the Gourmet Capitol of the World! Don't miss brunch at the Court of Two Sisters,  scheduled for Thursday and Friday mornings, (we've done that on every visit, so you know it MUST be GOOD!).

    New Orleans is also the home of world-famous Brennan's, Antoine's, Galatorie's andmany others, from the fancy high-priced ones to good ole hole-in-the-walls. The only way to not gain weight is to do a lot of walking and limit yourself to two meals a day. So, don't bring any tight clothes!

    I look forward to seeing "y'all" and showing you a small part of "our" city in August.

    See you there!


New Video!

We'll have a new video available at the reunion

Our FIRST Westpac filmed by FTM Steve Vickers



Dinner Jazz Cruise

Boarding: 1900-2000

Cruising: 2000-2200

Creole Buffet Menu:

Caesar Salad with Croutons


Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya


Herbed Crawfish Pasta with Green Onions


Slow Roasted Beef Brisket


Cajun Smothered Chicken in a Garlic Sauce


Eggplant Parmesan


Smashed Cajun Potatoes


Green Beans with Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms


French Bread with Butter


Warm Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce


New Orleans Dark roast Coffee and Iced Tea



Regular Membership dues to the Association are $25 per year. Associate membership (no fee) is available for all surviving spouses of Brooke Crewmembers.

Your current membership expiration date is to the right of your name on the address label on the newsletter. To continue "Port & Starboard" please remit your dues payment in accordance with published dues schedule, payable to the USS Brooke Association and mail to our Treasurer at the address below:

Steve Hunt

USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1

P.O. Box 1692

Tacoma, WA 98401


For more information please visit our website @