The reunion is just 2 short weeks away, so I thought I'd provide one more update.

    We have about 25 crewmembers (mostly plankowners) and about another 20-29 relatives/guests attending. I think we'll gain one or two more before the reunion. 

    The good news is that we've now met our minimum obligation for the hotel and Sat. night banquet, plus a few extra. Those of you who haven't made reservations could probably still get a room and, of course, we can always accommodate a few more on our tour and the banquet.

    September in Seattle is still warm and in the 60's and 70's. Sometimes we get showers, so pack a light raincoat or umbrella. Dress for the entire weekend will be casual, including the Saturday night banquet. So anyone flying in can pack light and save room for those NW souvenirs and all the raffle items you might win.

    We'll be selling raffle tickets during the reunion. so far, we've obtained some items from a few crewmembers but we can always use more. If you have something small and/or unique from the Brooke, or any Navy memorabilia, then  please bring them. It'll just make our raffle bigger and better! Bill Johnson has already promised 3 original Brooke lighters. Thanks Master Chief!

    Linda and I and the Jerry Hamlings had lunch at Fillippi's in Bremerton last week. They are really pleased to have our group in for our Friday lunch on the 19th. The food is very good and reasonable. Lots of specials!

    The Elks Seafood buffet is also a great feed and we'll have a band which plays 50's - 70's music after dinner.

    This past month I ordered and received a "Ship's Clock", which we'll auction off at the end of the banquet. It has a picture of the Brooke on the entire face and is beautiful! You can also order one custom-made with your own name during the reunion. Takes about 4 weeks to get'em. 

    If your just staying Wed. or Thurs. to Sunday, you shouldn't need to rent a car. There's an airport shuttle to the hotel, and everything else is a short walk or cab ride.

    Our Brooke ball caps and polo shirts have arrived and will be available upon check in, in the Hospitality Room. Those of you who can't make the reunion can still purchase them. The order form is included in this mailing (or click on "Ships Store" on the home page). Both have the BROOKE's silhouette on them and the shirt has a pocket. Shirts come in Blue or White.

    All ships store items will be posted on the website shortly after the reunion and, according to our Webmaster Tom Adametz, photos of every item will appear. We'll probably add more items later, such as Mugs with the ship's, logo etc., on them. And, if enough are ordered, we'll customize them with our names.

    For shipmates arriving early, don't forget to fine the "Brooke's pre-hospitality room" or Linda and I's room. Should have a welcome- aboard toddy or soda!

    That's all for now.....

    Will see many of you in 2 weeks!