Messages left for and by crewmembers of the USS Brooke DEG/FFG-1


Message From Steve Eldred 10/19/13

I have a friend who got me to join the Navy back in the mid 1960's. He
was an University of Michigan ROTC guy.  His first ship was the Brooke. 
He's in you first Wes Pac Crew pictures:  ENS Russel E Nye.  I joined
the Navy Reserve and went to Vietnam to serve aboard LST 825 and LST 601
(USS Hickman County and USS Clarke County). After I returned home I lost
track of Russ.  I can't find anywhere on your site where he has attended
any of your events.  Do you have any information on Russ at all?
Steven A Eldred
Battle Creek, MI


Message From Scott Holmes 4/14/13

My name is Scott Holmes , my rate was DC-3 and I served aboard the USS BROOKE DEG-1 from Nov 1966 until Aug 1969.  My preferred email is, but the will also get my attention. also I have been trying to contact James Pike and David Blankenship for quite some time, both had service aboard the same as mine, any ideas? Thanks

Message From Jim Lund 4/11/10

I served on the USS Brooke from 1984-1987 I was a SN in deck division but GQed with the gunners mates most of the time. Looking for Strone and Ennis if anyone ever hears from them also Scott Ostrander..

Jim Lund

Message From Richard Deblanc 5/5/09

I am trying to find the whereabouts of Ens. Soles who was the Food Services Officer on Brooke from 75-77 (or possibly 78). If anyone knows of his location or how I might be able to contact him it would be greatly appreciated if you could send that information to me at:

Message From Brian McQuillan 12/12/08

How are all the Brooke shipmates doing ? I've been trying to pit together dates for the Brooke Westpac's that I have sailed on, checked the cruise books but the dates aren't exactly high-lighted: My 1st, August. 20,1981  -  March 23, 1982, My 2nd,  April 20, 1983, My 3rd Westpac, I do not have a cruise book for, re-up for white sands missile range, upon entering San Diego, on the tartar missile deck of course, I was a 51 c/d tech with the best division in the navy.
If anyone could provide me with the dates I sure would appreciate the favor, sure do miss the navy, but only 21 months away from bureau law enforcement retirement, been a rough life with the bureau, but I like the demands. Also, never rec'd cruise book for 1985 Westpac, reenlisted and never got the book, if by chance one is out there, I would be happy to purchase, would complete my career with all the Westpac cruise books, my son is on 2nd enlistment with the USMC so now I have competition with float books and Iraqi freedom tour books.
Thank you all, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my fellow shipmates and family members.   

Chief Mac

Message From Rick Holmes 2/15/08

My name is Rick (Richard) E. Holmes.  I joined the Brooke as a seaman, E-3 non-rated, in 1966.  I served as an RD until my departure in Oct. 1968.  I came from Olympia, Washington where I was born and raised.  I returned to Olympia upon discharge and still live there at 6320  33rd Ave. N.W. , Olympia, Washington, 98502.  My phone # is 360-866-0942, and my email is  In 1970, I moved to Denver, Colorado, lived there for 3 years, during this time, I hooked up with old shipmate Buck Bowman, who served with me as a BM-3.  I have talked with P.J. (Paul) Miller, fellow RD a number of times over the years, from Rochester, N.Y., but have never gotten to see him since leaving the Brooke.  Id love to hear from any of my old shipmates anytime and will check back to see if any new ones sign up.  I love what youve done with the web-site, its very nice, and great to look over.  Until yesterday, I had no idea it existed.

Thanks again,

Rick Holmes

Radarman, E-3




Message From Amy Hodson 1/8/07:

I am looking for anyone who might have served with my Dad, CWO Hodson, who was the Electronics Maint. Officer on Brooke around the 1980-1984 time frame. In addition there was another gentleman, Lt (jg) Chris Thompson who served on Brooke with my dad during the same timeframe. If anyone has any information on how I might contact Chris or who knew my Dad, please contact me at: . Thank you very much.

Amy Hodson

The following link will show a picture of my Dad:  CWO Hodson:  

Message From Dave Pierpoint 11/24/04:

Eric "Andy" Anderson was an FTG3, he was onboard the Brooke when I got there early '79 and still there when I left mid '80.  He was from Chico California, the last time I ever talked to him was probably '81, '82, right in around there, he was out of the Navy and back in Chico by then.  Smart guy, it was because of him I decided to go to college and get a degree.  Would love to find him somewhere. Dave can be reached via his e-mail on the Locator Page

Message From Richard Houghtelling 8/23/04:  

Richard, an FTM1 from 75-78, has an extra 75-76 cruise book if anyone is looking for a replacement or needs information from that particular timeframe. Richard can be contacted via his e-mail listed on the  Locator Page

Message From Brian McQuillan 8/20/04:  

Brian was an FC1 from 81-85. Brian is looking for an extra copy of the '85 cruise book. If anyone has an extra copy or can help Brian out please contact him at his e-mail listed on the Locator Page

Message From Larry Foster 11/3/03:

Larry was a STG3 on Brooke from 68-71 and he is trying to find out information on several former Sonar Techs he served with. Anyone having information on Dave Clark, Bob Richards, or Dennis Gold please contact Larry at his e-mail listed on the Locator Page


Message From Jim "Tazz" Hines 6/13/03:

Jim was a BT3 on Brooke from 82-84 who worked for BTCS Barnett. Jim is looking for info on two shipmates; BT3 Mike Wheeler and IC3 Dominic Bruno. If anyone know anything regarding these two shipmates you can contact Jim at his e-mail address listed on the Locator Page 

Message From Eric Davis 6/2/03:

Eric was the decommissioning gunnery officer on Brooke in 1988. Eric is collecting ship's patches from the commands her served aboard. If anyone has a "USS BROOKE FFG-1" (notice I did not say "DEG-1) patch, Eric would really like to hear from you. Probably can trade those monkey wood salad bowls you picked up in Subic. Eric can be contacted via his e-mail listed on the Locator Page 

Message From Bob Veach 4/14/03:

Bob was a BM3 on Brooke 68-70. He is trying to contact or receive information on the whereabouts of two of his old shipmates on Brooke, Dale Dawson or Rick Pearson. Bob can be contacted via his e-mail listed on the Locator Page 

Message From Ken Magid 3/1/03:

Ken was the Ops Boss on Brooke 83-84. He is trying to contact or receive information on the whereabouts of his old CO on Brooke, Capt. Barry Plott. Ken can be contacted via his e-mail listed on the Locator Page)

Message From Thom Ahl 2/27/03:

Thom was stationed aboard Brooke from 71-74 as an ETR3. I received an e-mail from him with the following question:

"A question for you.  In the Radar Transmitter room, in the overhead, a junction box has a cover plate with the inscription: "USS Broke, DOG-1" inscribed on it.  Even the captain didn't know the story behind it.  What is the straight 'skinny' on it?"

If anyone knows the story behind the inscription, feel free to contact Thom (he is listed on the Locator Page)

Message From Tom Adametz 2/4/03:

Shipmates.....One of our fellow crewmembers, John Limbaugh (STG2 65-68) is recovering from a heart attack. Feel free to drop him a line at: I'm sure it will pick up his spirits and speed his recovery hearing from members of the "Brooke Gang". Besides, it's cold up in the northern reaches of Idaho!

Message From Dave Pierpoint 1/2/03:

Dave was stationed on Brooke from 78-80 and was hoping anyone who comes across this message might know of the whereabouts of Eric "Andy" Anderson FTG3. If anyone has any information on "Andy" please contact the webmaster at

Message From Roy Cook 12/24/02:

Bill Morrow emailed me the website, and I've just checked it out - great!!!  Many thanks for setting it up.  For the "P.O.D." or just general info, I'm in Coeur d'Alene, ID, teaching math at North Idaho College, and I'd welcome correspondence, or visits, by anyone who is in the neighborhood.  Our phone number is 208-762-5313.
Thanks again for reviving some old, mostly enjoyable, memories.
Roy Cook

Message From Bill Bartle 11/1/02:

My name is William (Bill) Bartle.  I was an E3 on the Brooke.  I did not go on the WestPAC cruise.  I was there for the commissioning and went across the Equator on her. I would like to know any addresses/email of the crew members. If anyone is interested in emailing me please do so.  I have never heard of any reunions or gatherings or news of the crew.
I enjoyed your web page and look forward to seeing it grow.
Bill Bartle